English Project Poem / on the holocaust – June 11, 2017

Hello and welcome to a Sunday post! A while has it been. So much is changing and the school year is almost over! This post is just a poem from my English class this year; we had to read Night by Elie Wiesel and right a poem based on “First They Came For” , by Martin Niemoller. Click on these words to read the original poem! Without further ado,

First they came for my voice,
And the words lodged in my throat.
The “no”s, the “stop”s, the “what”s, the “why”s,
But then we just got used to the silence.

Then they took my rights away,
And trapped us all within the whispering walls of our homes.
Only, the houses did not feel much like homes anymore.
We live in them, we love in them, we breathe in them but they are not ours.
But then we got used to the four white walls.

Then they took the stars and the planets,
that felt within our grasps,
The glimmers of hope, of life, of light.
No more night walks, no more windows, no more night, not after six.
But eventually when we glanced upon our blacked out windows,
We could not remember the warmth of the sun on our skin.

Then they put up the fence of lost dreams,
Welded by the hands with broken pasts.
Mind scarred and lives abandoned,
We could no longer move freely.
Still convinced by words as hollow as a pin-pricked egg,
That there was still light at the end of this tunnel.
But then we noticed that our fence had no gates and our tunnel became a little darker.

Then they came for me,
My voice stolen, words robbed from my throat and dragged between my cracked lips,
Made me feel like a prisoner in my own home,
A stranger to a country that I once called home,
They replaced my light with darkness,
My rights with shackles, my love with fear,
They changed me.
They changed us.
This time, it will never be the same.


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Pointillism Art Project – May 4, 2017

Hello and welcome to a Thursday blog post! Today I’m going to be talking about a project we did in my school art class which was…

{what it is}
Pointillism! So Pointillism is a very tedious but beautiful form of art where a piece is made of tons of teeny tiny dots of all different colors. The reason it doesn’t look odd is because our eyes and brain are tricked into thinking that all of the tiny points are one single stroke.

{what did i do}
For my painting, i decided to do a picture i, or my sister (I can’t remember), took of a place called  Barter Books near Alnwick Castle in the UK.

{my piece}


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Poem on Slavery ; History Project – April 8, 2017

Hello and welcome to a Saturday blog post! It is spring break and it is going to be a quiet week as most of my classmates are in D.C, but i’m excited to relax. In history class, we were assigned to write an “I am” poem or something of the sort from the perspective of a slave master, an inanimate object removed from it all, or the slaves themselves. I chose to write from the view of a slave on a slave ship being auctioned. Here is it…

Black Waves
I am lying, engulfed in a sea of black, trapped under the drowning waves,
one of them too.
I am packed within a full room though all i wish to be is empty, is clean, is alone.
My mind is like a prison i am tethered to,
Though i’m tethered in the real world as well,
Bound and on chain,
Chained to the walls of my brain, the walls of this rocking room,
I haven’t seen the sky in so long i have forgotten the warmth of the sun.
I am screaming to be let out and eventually it turns into a morbid chorus,
And the crew on the deck pretend to ignore us.
Nothing in me feels right, nothing out here too,
It is not right to be treated like this, like i am only a speck of dirt on which you step,
On your way to a white town, a white job, a life so washed out in light,
I’m surprised your eyes remember how to see colour.
I mean, i see the red that the leather draws from dark, wounded skin,
But you must not because you keep whipping and hurting and paining those different.
When i can breathe air again I am at once dragged and chained and trapped,
But not given the luxury of where or when or even why.
We are stripped, rubbed raw, given a glistening new skin and a large meal,
But that does not ease the suffering we have endured.
No, instead it lights a fire within us all like a little white candlestick.
Begging you to try to hurt us, to harm us, again,
Because this time, we will be ready.
This time, we have hope.

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This Is Not Okay – March 24, 2017

I am dropping all formalities, this is not okay. He was only a kid, he was only in seventh grade, he was only a boy…

His name was Simon.

I saw him around, knew his face, knew his name. So,

          Dear Simon,

     I didn’t know you well

     But your cause of death is close to my heart

     I’m sorry you felt as though that was the only way, the only way out

     Im sorry those people, whoever they may be, pushed you over the edge and into that mindset

     So here’s a little message for them, or anyone whom it applies,

Do you think it’s funny now?

“kys, kill yourself

Go die

I wish you were dead

You’re worthless

You’re unloved

No one would notice if you just went away

kys kys kys kys”

All these words that the speakers claim are only jokes, only funny, only empty words,

Do you think it’s funny now???

     And Simon? I’m sorry it had to come to this

     I’m sorry there will be an empty chair in seventh grade classrooms, an empty bus seat, an empty locker, one less person      roaming the halls

     I’m sorry that there was no way out for you, like so many others

     But since there is so much more I could apologize for I’m just going to end it with,

I’m sorry.

Let’s Talk: Pointe Shoes! – February 15, 2017

Hello and welcome to a Wednesday blog post! Today, I’m going to be walking you through the steps of getting pointe shoes from how they arrive to dance-able shoes. If anything needs any clarification please tell me any way you’d like and i will fix it.

What You Need:
Pointe Shoes
Scissors, lighter, embroidery needle, pink thick thread
*Elastics (Optional / i don’t use them in this)
*Toe pads (I prefer ones made of gel)
(*If you order from Kukome and many other brands these will come with it, other than elastics from this particular brand)


This is a picture i found online because i didn’t photograph them when they arrived.

Step One
So, the pointe shoes will come without the ribbons or elastics, if you wish to use, sewn on or anything tied or finished, like the picture above. It is just the base of a shoe that feels rock solid. Don’t worry, they won’t feel that way forever! If you wish to try them on in this stage they will most likely feel massive and baggy but it is only because the toe elastic is not tied (don’t tie it at this point). I buy mine from Kokome which is an amazing company whose shoes are affordable and awesome to dance in. I know I’m just kind of explaining things but it’s still step one to understand how they’ll arrive and not panic with how much you have to do yourself.

Step Two
Cut the ribbon in half, the cut those in half again to make fourths. Then get a lighter and swoop each end of the ribbons through it very quickly, only enough so the ends won’t fray but not enough for any color change or smell. Once you’ve done that, Take your shoe and place it flat, then fold the heel in as far as it goes. Then fold about 3/4 of an inch of ribbon over itself so the shinier side is still facing out. Now sew your ribbons between where the heel meets the sole of the shoe (the shank) and the seam so they are slightly angled. Make sure you tie a knot at the end of the thread before you begin. I also did a backstitch on the top and bottom and a sideways backstitch on the edges. To finish it, just go over and stitch the same area a few times and then tie that end in a knot once cut. Also, i would advise to not sew into the toe elastic on the top edge of the shoe because you might not be able to tighten them.

Step Three
Since i did not choose to sew elastics on my shoes, i will be skipping that step. Now, once you have sewn all four ribbons, place the shoes on your feet and try to tie them (There is a step by step guide for tying below) . Make sure the knot is on the inner side of your ankle and tucked beneath the ribbon. Then tie the toe elastics as tight as you’d like to. Mine are very tight but not double knotted; they are in a bow so i can loosen or tighten them in the future.


Step Four
Now, find something ballet bar height and roll up onto your pointe to try it out. If everything feels comfortable and nothing is poking out or poking at you then you are finished. Enjoy them!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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Making Harry Potter Wands w/ my friends! – February 10, 2017

Hello and welcome to a Friday blog post! I know it’s been a while since i’ve posted, because of an overload at school and lots and lots of dancing, but today i’m going to be showing you how to make wands inspired by Harry Potter, but not in the traditional style.


Step One
So, first you need to venture outside and find a tree that consists of loads of branches. On that tree, try to find a branch, big or small and just the right thickness. Then cut or saw it off with scissors or a knife or just snap it with your hands. And if you’re a real Harry Potter nerd, try to make the wood coloring match the wand you received on Pottermore. 

Step Two
Now go back inside and cut off anything you don’t want on your branch like knots or little twigs. Though, as you can see, one of my friends decided to keep a little sprout on the end of hers which is fine too. Also, make sure that you like the length and find which side of the stick feels more comfortable in your hand.

Step Three
This is the fun part: decorating! Plug in your hot glue gun and pull out all of your arts and craft supplies, like ribbon or twine or little charms. I will walk you through how i made my design. (a) I found some thin-ish twine and wrapped it around the place where i want to hold it. I thought it looked a little bland so around a natural tree knot i wrapped a strand of green twine. (b) Then i found some leather and wrapped it for about another inch. (c) I also decided to wrap a tiny tad of lace and add a teeny tiny little arrow on top.

Step Four
Now you can play with it! It can be entirely for decoration or you can actually use it, like my friends and i did. Cast spells and react to ones cast at you. Just be careful not to break anyone’s wand.


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Every Book I Read in 2016! – January 13, 2017

Hello and welcome to a Friday post! As you may know, i read a lot in the year 2016. I have taken the time to go through all of my shelves and count up every book to make a list rating them all! I am going to try and order then in the order i read them unless there are quite a few novels under the same author, so here are the 121 books i read in 2016…

  1. The Darkest Minds (TDM #1) / Alexandra Bracken – 9.5/10
  2. Never Fade (TDM #2) / Alexandra Bracken – 9.2/10
  3. In the Afterlight (TDM #3) / Alexandra Bracken – 9/10
  4. Through the Dark (TDM Novella) / Alexandra Bracken – 8/10
  5. Underwater / Marisa Reichardt – 7/10
  6. The Museum of Intangible Things / Wendy Wunder – 9/10
  7. Thirteen Reasons Why / Jay Asher – 8/10
  8. (reread) Before I Fall / Lauren Oliver – 5/10
  9. Stronger Than you know / Jolene Perry – 9/10
  10. Sara Lost and Found / Virginia Castleman – 5/10
  11. Dead Ends / Erin Jade Lange – 8/10
  12. Speak / Laurie Halse Anderson – 7/10
  13. Instructions for the End of the World / Jamie Kain – 6/10
  14. (reread) Famous Last Words / Katie Alender – 7/10
  15. (reread) All the Bright Places / Jennifer Niven – 9.9/10
  16. The Girl in the Wall / Daphne Benedis-Grab – 7/10
  17. Written in the Stars / Aisha Saeed – 8.8/10
  18. Wintergirls / Laurie Halse Anderson – 6/10
  19. The Giver / Lois Lowry – 6/10
  20. The 100 (100 #1) / Kass Morgan – 7/10
  21. The 100 Day 21 (100 #2) / Kass Morgan – 6.5/10
  22. The 100 Homecoming (100 #3) / Kass Morgan – 7/10
  23. Read Between the Lines / Jo Knowles – 9/10
  24. Torn Away / Jennifer Brown – 5/10
  25. The Probability of Miracles / Wendy Wunder – 9.7/10
  26. I Was Here / Gayle Forman – 7/10
  27. Just Listen / Sarah Dessen – 9/10
  28. Lock and Key / Sarah Dessen – 8/10
  29. What Happened to Goodbye / Sarah Dessen – 6/10
  30. Saint Anything / Sarah Dessen – 8.5/10
  31. This Lullaby / Sarah Dessen – 6/10
  32. The Truth about Forever / Sarah Dessen – 7/10
  33. Never Always Sometimes / Adi Alsaid – 7/10
  34. Mosquitoland / Dacid Arnold – 9/10
  35. Life at the Speed of Us / Heather Sappenfield – 4/10
  36. Black Ice / Becca Fitzpatrick – 9/10
  37. Hate List / Jennifer Brown – 6/10
  38. The Problem With Forever / Jennifer L. Armentrout – 8.5/10
  39. The Tale of Emily Windsnap / Liz Kessler 3/10
  40. The Begginning of Everything / Robyn Schneider – 8/10
  41. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl / Jesse Andrews – 9.2/10
  42. (reread) Vanishing Girls / Lauren Oliver – 7/10
  43. I’ll Give You the Sun / Jandy Nelson – 8.3/10
  44. (reread) Divergent (D #1) / Veronica Roth – 9/10
  45. (reread) Insurgent (D #2) / Veronica Roth – 8.8/10
  46. (reread) Allegiant (D #3) / Veronica Roth – 8.7/10
  47. (reread) Four (D novella) / Veronica Roth – 7/10
  48. Skin and Bones / Sherry Shahan – 8/10
  49. Twisted / Hannah Jayne – 5/10
  50. Survive the Night / Danielle Vega – 1/10
  51. (reread) Finding Audrey / Sophie Kinsella – 9/10
  52. Empty / K.M. Walton – 4/10
  53. There Will Be Lies / Nick Lake – 8/10
  54. Illumina / Kaufman and Kristoff – 6/10
  55. You Have Seven Messages / Stewart Lewis – 8/10
  56. This Raging Light / Estelle Laure – 7/10
  57. (reread) Delirium (De #1) / Lauren Oliver – 7.5/10
  58. (reread) Pandemonium (De #2)/ Lauren Oliver – 8/10
  59. (reread) Requiem (De #3) / Lauren Oliver – 7.7/10
  60. Not If i See You First / Eric Lindstrom – 9/10
  61. Pretenders / Lisi Harrison – 6/10
  62. Speechless / Hannah Harrington – 9/10
  63. They All Fall Down / Roxanne St. Claire – 8/10
  64. Nerve / Jeanne Ryan – 6/10
  65. In the After / Elisa Dane – 5/10
  66. Lost in the Sun / Lisa Graff – 4/10
  67. The Sky is Everywhere / Jandy Nelson – 8/10
  68. The Love that Split the World / Emily Henry – 9/10
  69. When We Collided /  Emery Lord – 9/10
  70. Girl Last Seen / Anastasiu and Brown – 6/10
  71. (reread) The Chronicles of Narnia / C. S. Lewis – 9.8/10
  72. Zac and Mia / A.J. Betts – 7.7/10
  73. Genius: the Game / Leopoldo Gout – 9.2/10
  74. Wild Swans / Jessica Spotswood – 8/10
  75. Frayed / kara Terzis – 5/10
  76. My Life With the Walter Boys / Ali Novak – 6/10
  77. The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer (MD #1) / Michelle Hodkins – 9/10
  78. The Evolution of Mara Dyer (MD #2) / Michelle Hodkins – 9/10
  79. The Retribution of Mara Dyer (MD #3) / Michelle Hodkins – 9.4/10
  80. Dangerous Girls / Abigail Haas – 4/10
  81. Awake / Natasha Preston – 5/10
  82. The Memory Book / Lara Avery – 8.7/10
  83. This is Where it Ends / Narieke Nijkamp – 9/10
  84. Slade House / David Mitchell – 7/10
  85. (reread) The Selection (TS #1) / Kierra Cass – 6/10
  86. (reread) The Elite (TS #2) / Kierra Cass – 6.5/10
  87. (reread) The One (TS #3) / Kierra Cass – 7/10
  88. The Heir (TS #4) / Kierra Cass – 7/10
  89. Shatter Me (SM #1) / Tahereh Mafi – 8/10
  90. Unravel Me (SM #2) / Tahereh Mafi – 7.5/10
  91. Ignite Me (SM #3) / Tahereh Mafi – 8/10
  92. Unite Me (Novella) / Tahereh Mafi – 6/10
  93. Sisters in Sanity / Gayle Forman – 5/10
  94. Some Boys / Patty Blount – 9/10
  95. The Accident Season / Moira Fowley-Doyle – 9.9/10
  96. Even in Paradise / Chelsea Philpot – 9.8/10
  97. Black Butterfly / R.M. Drake – 8/10
  98. It’s Kind of  A Funny Story / Ned Vizzini – 8.8/10
  99. The Brilliant Light of Amber Sunrise / Matthew Crow – 8/10
  100. Love Letters to the Dead – Ava Dellaira – 9/10
  101. Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children (MPHFPC #1) / Ransom Riggs – 9.6/10
  102. Hollow City (MPHFPC #2) / Ransom Riggs – 9.4/10
  103. Library of Souls (MPHFPC #3) / Ransom Riggs – 9.5/10
  104. (reread) Legend (LPC #1)/ Marie Lu – 8/10
  105. (reread) Prodigy (LPC #2)/ Marie Lu – 8.1/10
  106. (reread) Champion (LPC #3) / Marie Lu – 8.5/10
  107. The Program (TP #1) / Suzanne Young – 9/10
  108. The Treatment (TP #2) / Suzanne Young – 8/10
  109. The Twelve Days of Dash and Lily / Cohn and Levithan -4/10
  110. Unnatural Deeds / Cyn Balog – 9/10
  111. Everyone We’ve Been / Sarah Everett – 7/10
  112. A Monster Calls / Patrick Ness – 8.8/10
  113. -119. The Harry Potter Series (Books 1-7) / J.K Rowling – 9.99/10

120. (reread) The Perks of Being a Wallflower / Stephen Chbowsky – 9.99999999999/10*
121. Bad Girls Throughout History / Ann Shen – 9/10

*(Foot Note: As you might’ve noticed, not a single book got a 10/10. I do not think any book is 100% perfect or completed or closed. All books could continue and grow and become something new. So, i do not give any book a perfect score because, to be quite frank, i do not believe any book can be completely finished, put together, or perfect.)


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Hello, 2017 – January 1, 2017

Hello and welcome to a Sunday post! I cannot believe it is already the end of 2016 and that 2017 has begun. This has probably been one of the busiest and eventful years of my life; with moving from GA to CA, writing and reading more books than i ever have, and losing and gaining new people and ‘scenery’ in my life. So, here is my 2016 in photographs.


an old bridge my cousins took us to (uk)


Barter Books near the Alnwick Castle (uk)


the Santa Monica Pier (ca)


an art gallery in Malibu (ca)


We the Kings concert (ca)


the Ojai lavender festival (ca)


my first wildfire in my own town (ca)


the Handlebar Coffee Roaster in Santa Barbara (ca)


the Last Bookstore in LA (ca)


flying back to GA (over ga)


LACMA art center in LA (ca)


our favorite Malibu beach (ca)


Christmas decorations (ca)


the 17-mile drive in Carmel-by-the-Sea (ca)


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#GirlGaze Project Talk / {art exhibit in LA} / December 29, 2016

Hello and welcome to a Thursday post! I am finally back with another “___ Talk”! First, before i start, i have to wish my parents a Happy 23rd Anniversary! Okay, here it is…

{where is it}
The #girlgaze: A Frame of Mind exhibition is currently at the Annenberg Space of Photography from last October until February of next year.

{what is it}
This project is a captioned photography exhibit with a very empowering story; their mission is to support girls behind the camera. To define what “girlgaze” means, they broke the word up into two words…
“Taking back the word girl, we are pushing back against the cultural projections and traditional gender roles imposed upon girls from the outside world, media and culture. Instead, we aim to represent the intelligence, creativity, complexity and diversity of girls’ experience—across nation, ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation, economic background. It is up to those who identify with being a girl to break the boundaries and determine their own identity, sexuality, and beauty.” – says their website
“We are telling stories and creating images by taking the camera (or any medium) into our hands to express our viewpoints, reflect our states of mind, share our interests—whether in politics, fashion, tech, beauty, business—and to show the world how we see it.” – also from their website

{what is its purpose}
Girlgaze is a multi-media project to generate visibility and support for the next generation of female-identifying photographers.

{what did i think}
I thought the exhibit was amazing and very empowering to all who wish to see it. It shows the embodiment of feminism and how being a girl affects you in a business perspective. I thought the pictures were pleasing to the eye and the messages below them were thought provoking or personal story telling.

{anna, my sister’s, thoughts}
“First off: it was very aesthetically pleasing. I thought the exhibit flowed very well because it had the overall theme of how girls see ‘_____’ and related it to our inner world, outer world, bedroom, etc. And it showed each photographers unique perspective. I love the idea of empowering woman in our creative fields.”

I really loved this exhibit and will definitely go back in the future. Click here for their website!


Thanks for reading and come back for more random posts! Until next time,

Carmel-by-the-Sea Trip: quaint village, adorable cottage, Big Sur, and the 17-Mile Drive! -December 23, 2016

Hello and welcome to a Friday blog post! Firstly, happy Christmas Adam! (Christmas Eve’s Eve, in other words). Today i’m going to be talking about this cute little town called Carmel, California, and our trip there.

My family and i stayed in a cute little cottage named Moon Gate, owned by the company Carmel Cottage Inn, who own 4 in total. They are all only a block from the beach and a few blocks from the town. There is only one bedroom so my sister and i slept on the pull-out couch. There is a brick fire and they decorated it all for Christmas! The door is also an adorable touch; it is a barn door that opens in two. Here are a few pictures:

{village and shops}
The village is very quaint and has over 100 art galleries. My two favorite places, though, are The Cottage of Sweets and Pilgrims Way Community Bookstore and Secret Garden. The first of the two is a charming teeny-tiny little, well, cottage of sweets and candy. They even make their own fudge right behind the counter. The latter is found by walking in an alley between two stores, one being the bookshop that owns it. At the end, there is a dreamy garden area with statues of buddhas and little water features with a huge octagonal greenhouse filled with outdoorsy things like wind-chimes and string with bells and beads on them. Here are some pictures from the secret garden and bookstore:

And this is the cottage of sweets:

We went into 5 places, two for dinner and two for lunch or coffees. The two for dinner were La Bicyclette, a French restaurant, and Il Fornaio, an Italian place. The two others were Fifth Avenue Deli, where we got a picnic style lunch, and the Carmel Bakery, where we got gingerbread men and sweet and savory pretzels, as well as a gluten free cookie for my sister. I only have pictures from the first place mentioned, so here they are:

{17-mile drive}
The 17-mile drive is a long winding route through mountains, then by the sea with 20 places you can stop to see the view and/or take pictures. Here are a few with their names:

{big sur}
This place was beautiful! The mountains were lush and *gasp* actually green, unlike southern California. The drive is constructed of windy roads on cliff edges that go through a few valleys, over about ten bridges, and with amazing ocean views. Also, we decided to have a little detour at Pfeiffer Beach, which is famous for having purple sand. (PS: not all of the sand is purple; only little patches.) The road down and up to it is a windy, one-way road that is a little scary when you have to pass another car but the beach and caves were beautiful!


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