Aiken – August 3, 2015

Today, me and my sister Anna decided to take a day trip to Aiken, GA. We walked around the town and the main street and went into a few stores including one of my favorites, the antique store. I love antique things and “vintage” things. When i get out of college and buy a house, it will be filled with old things. Okay, back on subject. We went into a store called “threads” which is a really nice clothing store. We bought some bath bombs, a candle, and funny socks for our dad and Anna’s friends. Then we went into that antique store I told you about. We didn’t  buy anything but it is always fun to look around. Next we went to “Cyndie’s Sweet Shop” which is obviously a candy shop.We bought some things for ourselves, for my mom, and my personal favorite treat, salt and vinegar peanuts. They sound gross but are delicious! We then stopped by “New Moon Cafe” to buy a drink each and a cookie for me. Our next stop was at “Hopeland Gardens ” which was an amazing place to have a picnic. There are hundred year old trees all over the park, and I even climbed one of them and got some cool pics. So, we had a picnic and then went on our way back home.

So thats what we did today. Hope you enjoyed reading my first {real} blog post. Bye!



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