Footsteps on the World – August 23, 2015

Sorry that i haven’t been posting lately. I’ve been so busy starting homeschooling, moving my sisters in to college, and traveling! I typed this one up on August 11th, but i never posted it. Whoops! Onto the post…

I realized something amazing last night. It might sound a bit cheesy to some people, but if so then you shouldn’t be reading a twelve-year old’s blog. I’m making footsteps on the world and making milestones in my life. (exhibit A: As of August 17 i am 3 years seizure free.) Great things are happening to me and around me. (exhibit B: a once in a lifetime experience to home school and travel to places a lot of people will never be able to go to.)

On a separate note, i also realized that i am never going to see most of these people again in my entire life, so why not be more open and do whatever i want and be louder than ever. Just why not?! Why not overwhelm every one and everyone’s senses with personality and overall Sophie-ness. I’m never going to see them ever again so why try to be normal, or fit into a crowd? Why not be yourself and not try to be like everyone else. Just why not?


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