I Know It’s Not Just Me, Right? – September 19 , 2015

So, tonight is going to be very random. Well, i warned you about randomness when i first started this blog, so you shouldn’t be surprised. When you read the title, you probably were like, “What?”. But, i promise i will explain myself.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had dreams for my life. My future. But my thoughts were very much influenced by disney channel and movies and online and random things I’ve seen and heard. For me, my future consists of moving to California and becoming a famous youtuber or model or singer or something. Its just always been my dream to be a someone. But, i have recently realized that some people are no one, and that could very well be me. I honestly don’t know how some people can know they are no one and be okay and content with it. You see, in my little brain, when i was a little girl, I thought everyone hit their “break”. Everyone became famous or went on TV at one point of their life. Even just as an extra! Boy, was my little brain wrong. A lot of people in the world are nobodies! And, if you think about it statistically, only a few handfuls are known or famous. So, its actually dawned on me that i could be one of the nobodies.

Now, this is where the title mainly comes into play. From disney channel and movies and TV i’ve aways imagined my “Prince Charming”. And I’m not going to go all, “Ah! My Prince Charming. BLAH BLAH BLAH”. I have just always imagined the perfect boy. And then I’ve worried about if i never find him. Since Shark Boy and Lava Girl, I have always wanted to find the best boy that will “save” me from something like SB did to LG in that scene when she saved him in the water and then he carried her to her volcano of lava and sacrificed himself to save her.

You are probably reading this and going, “What? This girl is weird!” And you are right. Sometimes i just think something and have to post it or it just builds up and up until my brain runs out of availability and thats all i can think about. My brain works in mysterious ways that sometimes (Most of the time) i can’t even comprehend. But, just stick with me and you will understand.

I Know It’s Not Just Me, Right?

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