Focus on the Now – October 1, 2015

This post may sound like a super stupid analogy-thingy, but i thought it was a cool coincidence, so i thought i’d share.

So, today i went outside to get the mail. I was walking to the mail box and got the mail then walked back. When i was walking back to the garage, which we see a lot of bugs in, i was looking in it, even though it was about 3 yards away. I was so focussed on the garage and what lies ahead, i wasn’t looking down to my barefeet. So, i stepped on a bug. I don’t know what kind because as soon as i felt the squishiness of it, i ran inside!

Now, you are probably like, “What the heck, Sophie?” But, let me explain. Its not just some stupid story about pet peeves or something. It made me think, what if this happens in life? *DRUM ROLL PLEASE* It does! A lot of people, guilty is charged, focus on the future or the “what-if’s”. And when they do that, they miss the present. You could be thinking of that test next week, and forget to write the essay due tomorrow. Because you are so nervously focussed on something, you miss something else equally, more or less, important.

This is super random, but thought i’d share. Bye Bye!

(NOTE: leave any blogging suggestions in the comments. 🙂 )


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