20 Facts About Me – October 17, 2015

      Hello! And welcome to my first Saturday post! I can’t believe I haven’t posted on a Saturday before. Anyways, today I thought I would share 20 facts about me.  Just so you peoples (all 10ish of you) could get to know me more. Enjoy ! 

    1. I’m a homeschooled 7th grader. 
    2. I’m turning 13 very soon. 
    3. I used to do all star (competitive)cheer at Gymtyme. 
    4. I love the rain, but hate thunder and lightning
    5. My favorite time of the year is fall/winter. (Aka whenever it’s freezing outside). 
    6. I don’t brush my hair. It only gets brushed at the hairdressers! 
    7. I have a place for everything and everything has its place
    8. I have a rock collection. I get rocks from a lot of places, like when I travel, or even if I find a pretty one in my own yard!
    9. I love animals and have always wanted a pet, but I’m not allowed!
    10. I love making random videos
    11. I love taking pictures
    12. I love baking
    13. I collect holiday themed magazines (mostly Halloween and Christmas) 
    14. I love reminiscing to old music from like 2010
    15. My favorite books are dystopian/alternative reality teen fiction. (Like divergent or the Matched series, which I recommend)
    16. I love antique stuff and nick-nacks (lol, can’t spell)
    17. My favorite food is pizza. I literally eat it every week. 
    18. I hate scary movies, tv shows, and haunted houses. 
    19. I’m afraid of roller coasters, fire, and basically everything that moved or crawls that isn’t a human or animal (all bugs!). 
    20. I listen to music all the time. 

    Thanks for reading and comment below 3 facts about you if you’d like. Bye bye!

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