My Favorite Books – October 19, 2015

Hello, and welcome to a Monday post! Today I’m going to be making a list of my favorite books. Now, this list is very long and some will be from when I was younger. Here we go,

This book is the first book i can remember that i have reread and reread over the years. This probably started my obsession for mystery and dystopian books:

  1. Stolen Children – (by: Peg Kehret)

Okay, lets continue with more recent books and book series that i love:

2. Pretenders – (by: Lisi Harrison)

3. The List – (by: Siobhan Vivian)

4. Famous Last Words – (by:Katie Alender)

5. If I Stay, 6. Where She Went – (by: Gayle Forman)

7. Matched, 8. Crossed, 9. Reached – (by: Ally Condie)

10. Delirium, 11. Pandemonium, 12. Requiem – (by: Lauren Oliver)

13. The Here and Now – (by: Ann Brashares)

14. say what you will – (by: Cammie Mcgovern)

15. Finding Audrey – (by: Sophiea Kinsella)

16. Girl Online – (by: Zoe Sugg)

17. side effects may vary – (by: Julie Murphy)

And these two are autobiographies:

18. In Real Life – (by: Joey Graceffa)

19. Really Important Internet Person – (Jenn McAllister)

Sorry if this post was somewhat boring to some people, but books are a really important part of my life and i thought i would share a lot of my favorite and most recently read books. Comment any suggestions or feedback below. BYE BYE!


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