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Someone Gave Me Hope – November 3, 2015

Hello, and welcome to a Tuesday post! Today I’m going to share an experience that gave me hope in humanity. Its simple, but sweet. Here you go…

Last week, me and my sister went to Chickfila. Just a regular lunch “date”. Since it was during the school day, (Im homeschooled, btw, not skipping school), there were barely any young people. It was mostly people off on lunch breaks and old people. One thing that i thought was adorable which isn’t actually about the whole “Give me Hope” thing was a couple sitting behind us. The woman sat down and the man got up to order the food and came back with the drinks then went back up to wait for the food. The old woman took off her straw-wrapper and crumpled it into a ball. Then, she tried to make a basket to the trash can! Now, keep in mind she appeared to be late 60’s/early 70’s. Even though she missed, and this was probably the most anticlimactic thing you will read today, it was so cute! Okay, i went off subject a bit.

Anyways, The most adorable thing started when another elderly couple, the man was clearly older than the woman but both appeared 65’s-80’s, walked in and sat down in a booth seat a little out of my view. They were cutely dressed and the man had a cane, not for decoration. Once they got their food, they left. She was supporting his weight and the cane wasn’t being lightly used. When they got halfway through the parking lot, she started running back. Her husband kept walking toward the car and she was running back towards the door. A worker, named “Karl Q.”, saw and ran to the booth. She left her bag! He met her outside with the bag and they shook hands and she was very thankful. Then, she went back and assisted her husband.

Now, if that doesn’t bring a smile to your face, i don’t know what will. Okay, maybe i do…


But, this really gives me hope in our lost and wandering world. It gives me hope that there are more people like Karl. Sorry if that was way too deep for some of you, but i thought i should post it before i forgot about it. I hope you enjoyed reading this and please comment any feedback or requests down below. BYE BYE!

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