My Birthday! – November 7, 2015

Hello and welcome to a Saturday post! So, my birthday was last week, but i had to delay this post because of “Friday’s Top Fives”. Here we go!

So, i recently had a 13th birthday! I’m a teenager, Yikes. First I’m going to explain the day, then a little haul of what i got.

We had a regular morning except, my mom said i didn’t have to do school! Then, i opened presents from my family. But, after that i got bored and did school anyways. (I know, I’m an overachiever). One of the presents i got were ‘Lush’ bath bombs, so of course i had to use one before my party.Then, i made carrot cupcakes with hommade cream cheese frosting. The bath bomb I used was ‘Dragon’s Egg’, which was amazing! *SPOILER ALERT* the outside is white, but when you plop it in, it explodes into color. Next, we went right into decorating for my party. We got all the supplies at ‘Party City’ and our color scheme is purple and gold. Also, we got goodie bag stuff at ‘Christmas Tree Shops’ and leftover Halloween candy. For my party, we ordered ‘Dominos’ pizza and watched the movie ‘Elf’. I invited everyone in my ‘Homeschool Group’ and it was so much fun. And, we wore pajamas! 

And that’s it! It was a very simple day and simple party, which is exactly what i wanted it to be. Now, here is my birthday gift ‘haul’, from my family and friends. (I just want to say that i am in no way bragging or trying to shove anything in anyone’s face, just wanted to share so i can look back on this and if you ever need to be a 12/13-year-old girl a present, you can see what i like and could somewhat base it off of that.)


  1. a camera strap
  2. a few bath bombs from lush
  3. british candy from my british grandma
  4. a robe
  5. slippers
  6. a set of elf pajamas
  7. A few zoella products – (keep your eyes peeled for a product review!)


  1. Target Gift Card
  2. Visa gift card
  3. Candle, coloring book, and nail polish
  4. Christian Lifeway gift card

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