Easy Ways to Spice up Your Room! – November 12, 2015

Hello, and welcome to a Thursday blog! Today I’m going to talk about easy and simple (some diy) ways to spruce up your room. Here we go!

This one is my favorite and the easiest in my opinion. We just used some left-over christmas outdoor lights and ‘Command’ hooks! It can be seasonal, but mine are kept up year-round. Bonus Point: Add some color-popping paintings in the middle to make the wall brighter and happier!


Next is also easy. All you need is a bulb decoration and some table confetti! I purchased my bulb decoration from target for $3 and found the festive confetti around my house. Bonus Points: I also have this cool toffee tin (with random stuff in it now that I’ve eaten all the candy), some bracelets, and a reindeer bow!


Your own art! I love painting and creative stuff like that so what better way to decorate a wall, whose color you can’t change, with some canvases. But, i do give credit to my sister, Anna, for painting the elephant heart one. She is too talented! Another Bonus Point: Get a license plate wooden plank made with your name on it!


Make a magazine array on the floor! This one was very easy for me because we get some for free in the mail. Its simple and looks great in front of a bookshelf. Bonus Point: Make them festive or seasonal!


This is a very long and random one for your nightstand. Mine is just a plain white one from ‘Ikea’ and i thought i would make it pop more by adding a black and white striped throw blanket. Then, i have my Q and A a day journal and the book I’m currently reading and, of course, a candle! I also have a phone ‘chair’ which is just a little phone holder, a back massager, and stuffed turtle that is in no way the same color of a turtle. Bonus Point: add a lamp! Mine is from ikea and is lined with copper on the inside so it glows.


Also, a little tip for your room: Make something the center of attention. The thing you want to be the center of attention needs to pop in some way, shape, or form. I try to make my daybed the center of attention with a fuzzy white blanket, an array of toys, a throw, a HUGE panda (my fave animal), initials on the wall, my lap desk and laptop on the bed (when I’m not in it), and framed by the christmas lights.


Hope you enjoyed this post and that it helped someone help spice up their room! Comment any feedback to suggestions below and BYE BYE!


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