Fridays Top Fives! – November 13, 2015

Hello, and welcome to a Friday’s Top Five. Todays topic is . . . LUSH Bath Bombs! I have really enjoyed these products and would recommend them to anyone who needs to relax, wake up, or just all around want to enjoy the experience of this fizzy ball. I am not going to include any pictures of them because when i was using them, i didnt even think of me doing a post in the near future about them. Okay, lets go!

5. Big Blue – This bath bomb is amazing and just smells like lavender-y goodness. And, as a surprise, in the middle there are little bits of seaweed. (con: when you are done, you have to pick out all the pieces of seaweed that did not go down the drain.)

4. So White – This is a seasonal Christmas one and has a prominent apple scent. And, once the outer shell of the bomb fizzes away, it turns a lovely pink that will soothe the eye. (con: It is very frothy, bubbly, and colorful and some people aren’t into the froth. I, personally, am!)

3. Dragon’s Egg – This one is a more citrus smell and has these little pieces of colorful almost film like dots that float around to create the aroma. (con: you will see the dots in your bath for days!)

2. Lord of Misrule – Underneath that almost lime green outer shell comes a surprise of color. SPOILER: it ends up making your bath a deep, plum purple! (con: i didn’t really see one for this bomb)

1.Golden Wonder – I know you here a lot of people raving about this limited edition product, but this one is amazing. Behind its innocent present box look appears a deep blue color. ( con: you will definitely be sparkly for a few days, as well as your tub.)

Hope you enjoyed this post and please comment any questions, feedback, or suggestions down below. BYE BYE!


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