Zoella Product Review! – November 16, 2015

Hello and welcome to a Monday blog! This is going to be a product review for a few of things in Zoella’s collection.

If you don’t know who Zoella is, she is a famous youtuber! She currently has 9.5 million subscribers, which means ‘followers’ and many more people who just watch her videos. She has written two books, which i have read, and has 3 beauty product ranges. There is one for the summer, fall, and winter. Okay, here we go!

1 - Zoella; Wonder Hands
1 – Zoella; Wonder Hands

This is a hand cream/ lotion. It smells so amazing and makes your hands smooth and soft. One thing I’ve always hates about lotion is that it leaves you feeling sticky. So, i started to apply less of those brands, which only left me with dry skin! This cream is probably the only cream I’ve ever used that doesn’t do any of that. It moisturizes and ‘sets’ into your skin with no sticky feel.

2 - Zoella; 'Soap Opera' and fuzzy socks gift set
2 – Zoella; ‘Soak Opera’ and fuzzy socks gift set

This is a Christmas gift set, but it can be any time of the year. So, ‘Soak Opera’ is a bath soak or shower cream and the socks are, well, fuzzy socks! They are so comfy and soft. For the bath soak or shower cream, I use it as a bubble bath!  It smells amazing and makes you feel clean and wonderful.

3 - Zoella; all her 'Fix Bars' in a Christmas gift bundle!
3 – Zoella; all her ‘Fix Bars’ in a Christmas gift bundle!

These are my favorite! I would totally recommend this product to anyone who loves a nice soak and fragrant bath. They kind of remind me of bath bombs, but they fizz and pop and smell way better than any bath bomb I’ve ever used! They are currently on a sale at “” for 3 gift sets for the price of 2. And, guess what? i bought more, ;0! I love them so much so i used the sale to my advantage and stocked up on these amazing products.

I hope you enjoyed this and comment down below any feedback or suggestions. BYE BYE!


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