Friday’s Top Fives! – November 27, 2015

Hello and welcome to a Friday post! Today I’m going to talk about my top five favorite bedroom Christmas decorations. Like little stuff to put on your desk or dresser or something. Here we go!

5. Festive Mug – I have used it before for a hot cocoa, but i think this adds a nice touch to a plain chest of drawers.

4. Tinsel and light up animals – They are so cute and both were probably about $10-15 (in total).

3. Door Wreath and Door Mat – My wreath was probably about $10-15 and the door mat was under $5.

2. Festive felt basket with candy canes in it – mine looks like a reindeer and i bought mini and regular candy canes. (all of the stuff was for under $6, including the candy)

1. Mini fake Christmas tree – My family has always done this in all of my sibling’s rooms, (and mine), and i think it is so cute and simple and adorable.

In my post last week i talked about “Easy Ways To Spice Up Your Room” and some of the stuff on that post was also Christmas-y related so you could check that out if you need any more ideas.

Thats all for this post so please comment any questions, feedback, or suggestions below. BYE BYE!


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