Friday’s Top Fives! – December 4, 2015

Hello and welcome to a Friday’s Top Five! Today I’m going to tell you… 5 ways i relax! Im so sorry this post was later than usual, i just had a very busy day visiting a quaint town, which will be in an upcoming post. I hope you enjoy!

Whether you are just relaxing from a busy day, or are in a stressful situation, here are some ways to relax.

  1. Jam out! – Either blast your favorite alt. hits and belch the lyrics, or just sit on a bench and put in your earphones to a soothing playlist. This one is very helpful for me because i love music! If you want some new tunes check out my Spotify on the ‘Find Me’ tab on the home page of this blog!
  2. Remove yourself from the situation – This is obviously more directed to the stressful position, but works for a busy day as well. If you are in a weird setting that makes you stressed out, just walk away. Its easy and helps, unless you have to be stay wherever you are.
  3. Cool off – Figuratively and literally. Figuratively: Calm down. Use the steps above and below to just relax. Literally: I’ve actually noticed that cold air does wonders. I always have my fan on in my room and love the cold air outside.
  4. Take a warm bath – I have really been enjoying fragranced bath things this fall/winter. I love Lush bath bombs, Zoella fizz bars, and bath salts. If you want to see a bath haul, let me know by liking or commenting!
  5. Make a hot cocoa or tea – I really love hot cocoa and have begun to acquire the tea taste. I really like wham-in-your-face flavors like in hot cocoa, so tea has been kind of difficult to adjust to. But, i think they are both pretty great.

Thanks for reading and please comment any suggestions, feedback, or questions below! Also, remember to follow my blog for weekly posts. BYE BYE!


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