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Aiken Adventures Yet-Again! – December 6, 2015

Hello, and welcome to a Sunday post! Today I’m going to talk about a trip my mom, sister (Olivia), my other homeschooled friend Lauren, and I took to Aiken on Friday. I really hope you enjoy this post!

One of the perks of being homeschooled is that me and Lauren got to have a sleepover the night before so it was easier for the next day when we had to get up somewhat early and drive. She has school on Friday that she completed the day before, and i don’t work on Friday’s so it was a lot easier to plan the day.

So, first we went to an art gallery which was really nice. It was a bit empty because they were changing the art from fall to christmas, but it was still very beautiful. Then we went to an antique store which was awesome as well. Here is a picture of a cool clock!


Next we went to a store called ‘Threads’ which is a clothing/accessories/random cool items store. I didn’t buy anything this time, but my sister got a winter jacket and socks and my mom got a necklace and some Christmas cards.


Then we went to ‘Cyndi’s Candy Shop’ where we all bought a TON of candy. Like a lot of candy! And salt and vinegar peanuts which sound gross but are really good. We then popped into a few random shops and then jumped into the car for the journey home.

On the way home we went to this place called ‘Hammond’s Ferry’ to kill some time before Lauren’s dentist appointment. HF is a very quaint village that has river access and is just adorable. Here are some pictures.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and please comment any suggestions, questions, or feedback below! And don’t forget to follow for posts every week.  BYE BYE!


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