Late Friday’s Top Fives! – December 13, 2015

Hello and welcome to a Sunday post! IM SO SORRY!!! I completely forgot about Friday’s Top Fives last week. So, i decided, instead of not doing one at all, i though it would be better to just do a late one. Im truly sorry about it though!

Today, we are going to talk about … My top five Christmas films! I hope you enjoy,

5. Elf- I love this one, but had to put it as number five because it kind of gets old after a few watches.

4.Santa Clause 3 : The Escape Clause- I like this one the best out of all of them!

3.The Snowman- Such a classic in our family that it had to make the list!

2. The Holiday- Such a rom-com and very predictable, but its so amazing especially for my family because its based in England!

1. Home Alone! (1 and 2, i love them both!)-These are just so great and hilarious!

Thank you for reading and I’m so sorry it was late! Feel free to comment any suggestions, feedback, or questions below. And don’t forget to follow for posts every week!

I also have some exciting news! In a weeks time, i will be in England! I do plan to post everyday while I’m there, but please do me some grace if i forget, lol. Anyways, BYE BYE!



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