Blogmas · England

Blog-Mas Day 1! – December 20, 2015

Hello and welcome to Blog-mas day 1! I know this isn’t really ‘blog-mas’ because I’m going to be doing it after Christms, but close enough. Let’s get started!

So, today, was a full day of packing! We were just packing and organizing all day and getting ready to leave. Once we finished packing, we headed over to the airport at about 4:00 pm. Then we waited for our flight at 9:00pm! It’s really fun to people watch in the airport, aka: what I’m doing right now. I’m just waiting to board the plane!

Ohh and another added note is that a girl is here with her sister, brother, dad, and mom and is doing cartwheels all over the room. In the business lounge. But, whatever. Oh and her brother is practicing karate. 
That’s it for today! Usually it will be more interesting than this because I’m just sitting in an airport waiting to go, I promise. I hope your enjoyed this and please comment any suggestions, feedback, or questions below! And don’t forget to follow for posts every week. And for the next few weeks, everyday! BYE BYE! 


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