Blog-mas Day 2: Fight About Bomb on Plane??? – December 21, 2015

Hello and welcome to Blog-mas day two! Let’s get right into it:

So, we arrived in England at about 11am which is 6am in America. But, i didn’t sleep a wink! If there are a few typo’s, blame it on my lack of shut-eye. Our flight was from 10pm the day before until 11am the next day. A long one!


So we got off the plane and went out to get our rental car. We had to take a shuttle over to the rental car place and before the shuttle took off, a verbal-fight broke out. Nothing crazy but very hilarious. There was an older foriegn couple and a younger dad with a 6 year old daughter and he older couple cut in the line in front of the younger dad, even though the younger one had been standing forever, and jumped onto the shuttle. There wasn’t enough room for the older couple, my family (5 people), and the younger dad and daughter.

Then the dad got onto the shuttle and said, “I can’t get on the shuttle because you cut into the line.” and the older couple didn’t reply. “I’ve just been on a 24+ hour flight with my 6 year old daughter from Australia and you cut in line in front of us.” he said.

“No we didn’t. We were here before anybody. There was no line.” said the older woman, even though my family was there even before them.

“No, we where here first and started the line.” said the dad.

Then the older man said, “We were just on a 20 hour flight with a bomb on it!”

And then the dad said, “We just came from Australia on a 24+ hour flight, but you won’t let me and my 6 year old daughter on even though we were before you?” and walks away! You go dude!

And, at first we thought the old man was lying to try and one-up the younger dad, but he was telling the truth. Well, half of the truth. Someone went to the bathroom and said there was a bomb in it and of course everyone panicked. But, it was just a toilet paper roll with a watch wrapped around it! So, he wasn’t on a plane with a bomb on t, but i must give it to him that is tustve been scary.

Anyways, then we got the car and made our way over to our flat which we will be staying in for 3ish days i think. Next we made our way down the street and got dinner at a pub! I, of course, got fish and chips (minus the fish!). So, chips.


Now, i am currently snuggled up on a sofa with a hot cocoa typing this up, listening to Spotify, (check the ‘Find Me’ tab for my name!) and debating on taking a nap.

I hope you likes today’s Blog-mas and that it was much better than yesterdays! Please comment any questions, suggestions, or feedback below and don’t forget to follow for weekly posts! And for the next few weeks I’m going to be doing a late Blog-mas in England and posting everyday! Thanks for reading and BYE BYE!

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