Blog-mas Day 3: Shopping Day! – December 21, 2015

Hello and welcome to blog-mas day three! Lets get going.

Surprise! I managed to not get jet-lagged too much! I slept from 6:30pm to 8:50am. I am very happy i got some sleep after a restless flight. Today, my family decided to go shopping! But, first we needed breakfast. We went to a local bakery and got coffee, apple juice, and pastries. I got a chocolate croissant! It was really good and set me up for the day.

Then we got ready and walked out the door. We took a cab into the town center and started shopping. We went into tons of shops, but i only got stuff from the few near the end of our list. The first one i bought at was Lush! I don’t know if you know, but i love Lush. It it my favorite shop ever even though we don’t have one back at home. I usually have to order online! I got ten bath bombs which i will list now;

  • Frozen
  • Ickle Baby Bot
  • Dashing Santa
  • Golden Wonder
  • The Experimenter
  • Intergalactic
  • Father Christmas
  • Golden Slumber
  • Avobath
  • Shoot for the Stars

Which i am very excited to use. Then i went to Hamley’s toy store and i bought this really cute mocha bear and a keychain for a friend. Next we went to Cath Kinston’s and i bought a cute mug for hot cocoa, or coffee if i end up liking it, and a few presents for my sister who i have to get something for for secret santa. Then we went to a nice pub down the road from our flat and made it back before the pouring rain.




I really hope you enjoyed this post and please like, comment any feedback, suggestions, or questions, and follow for weekly posts! I hope you guys are liking Blog-Mas so far! BYE BYE!


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