Blog-mas Day 4: Lost in London! – December 23, 2015

Hello and welcome to Blog-mas day 4! Today was a very interesting day and i hope you enjoy!

So, first we went to that same place for breakfast as we did yesterday and i got a chocolate croissant and a water bottle. it was lovely and delicious! Then we got ready for the day and headed out to get a cab into London. Today was the day for the tourist-y stuff. We started out at Buckingham Palace and walked around a bit.


Then we went to Big Ben and then the London Eye!


And, finally, we went to this really cute and nice Christmas market that was loads of fun. It was pretty big and i almost got lost trying to find the pizza booth! I got a handmade pizza and candy floss! And we saw this really cool guy painted and acting like a statue:


I hope you liked this post because today was really fun! Im currently snuggled up on my bed with a diet coke and a bag of Quavers crisps. Please like, comment any suggestions, questions, or feedback, and follow for posts every week! BYE BYE and see you tomorrow!


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