Blog-Mas Day 10: Day Out With Maddie! – December 29, 2015

Hello and welcome to blog-mas day 10! Let’s go! 

So today, me and Maddie went to visit my grandpa with my grandma! He has Alzheimer’s Disease and is in a care home near my grandmas house. I haven’t seen him since way before he went into the home so I was kind of reluctant to go but I’m glad I did. It was fun to see him and I think he recognized me a little bit. 

Then we all went to a pub nearby to meet up with some friends! That is where I currently am, stealing their wifi, and drinking a Sprite (which they call lemonade here!).  Olivia, Maddie, and I are going to go shopping around town now! 

I hope you enjoyed and please like, comment any suggestions, feedback, orquestions below, and follow for weekly posts! BYEBYE!


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