Blog-mas Day 11: First McDonald’s in a Year!!!- December 30, 2015

Hello and welcome back to blog-mas day 11! Let’s go!

First, I made typical American pancakes for my cousin Maddie that were mentioned in a previous post. Then we got ready and went to a shopping mall near us called ‘The Metro Centre’. It was loads of fun! I got high-waisted jeans, earings, and eyeliner! Then, we went to McDonald’s! If you didn’t know, I was trying to be healthier last January and decided to not eat McDonald’s. I actually did stick with it and haven’t had one for a year. Until yesterday. I decided to eat something from McDonald’s a few months ago, and thought the right time would be a year after I stopped. So, I had some! In England, McDonald’s is a lot healthier and a lot nicer actually. So I enjoyed it but made the same decision to not have it for another year. So, see you next year McDonald’s! I unfortunaltely don’t have any pictures and if this is written here and I end up editing and putting a picture into this, whoops! 

After this trip to England I will do an England haul for all I got over here, so look out for it!

Please comment any suggestions, feedback, or questions below, like this post, and follow for weekly posts! Thanks for reading and BYE BYE,mapI


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