Blog-mas Day 15-16: Family Dinner, Alnwick Castle, Barter Book Shop, and Almost Time to Leave – January 3-4 2016

Hello and welcome to Blog-mas day 15-16! So sorry that i forgot to post yesterday, i was so exhausted and just fell asleep. So, this post is going to be talking about yesterday and today! Lets go…

Day 15:     So first i woke up and got ready for the day. Today, my cousins Maddie and Tom and their parents (my uncle,Nigel, and Allison) are coming over at about 11:00 am! Once they got here, we went out into town to do some shopping. I got 4 mini bath bombs and a ‘Banksy’ calendar! BTW- Banksy is an anonymous street artist who graffitis in public places. No one knows who he/she is and his/her art is amazing. These will be mentioned, reviewed, and rated in my England haul sometime next month! When we got home, we prepared our stomachs for dinner. It was really good and fun to spend time with our family we never see. Then we watched a movie called “Kingsman” which is rated 15+, but in England they can say the F word in 15+ so it has pretty bad language! Once everyone left, we then went out to eat with our close friends, Gary, his son Richie (really called Richard but hates being called that), and Richie’s girlfriend Tessa. Once we got home, i fell asleep! So thats why this didn’t post yesterday. SORRY!

Day 16:    So, today i woke up and again got ready for the day! We decided to go to Alnwick Castle! Its this really cool castle about 20-30min from where we are staying. Here are some pictures:

IMG_0658 (1).jpgIMG_0668.jpg

Then we went to a really nice second-hand bookstore nearby called “Barter Books”. You know the phrase, ‘Keep calm and carry on’? You probably do. Well, this book store created this! Its so cool because you all know i’m a book-worm and i just love old books! Anyways, here are the pics:


Then we went to a local pub called ‘The Ridley Arms’. Its a somewhat family tradition to go there and it was as amazing as always. Or from what i can remember. Then we went home and i am currently listening to Spotify (check my -Find Me- tab!) and typing this! And thank you Anna, my sister, for the pictures because my camera isn’t working! LOVE YOU SIS!

Thanks for reading and please like, comment any suggestions, questions, or feedback below, and follow for weekly posts! BYE BYE!


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