Blog-mas Day 17: Driving Forever! – January 5, 2016

Hello and welcome to today’s post! Let’s go…

So, I woke up around 9am and got up and packed. Today we drove down to where we are flying out of and it was a 5-6 hour journey. It was really sad saying goodbye to my grandma and grandpa! But we will probably see my grandma over the summer so we are looking forward to that! Once we got to our hotel rooms, we went out to this really great pub called ‘The Alma’ which had amazing food. I had a kids cheese toastie, chips and split a desert with my sister. Now I’m lying in bed about to get out my book and read until I get sleepy!

 I know today’s post is really short and not interesting, but I still wanted to post! I hope you eniued and please like, comment any feedback, questions,more suggestions, and follow for weekly posts. We are trying to get 30 followers so please tell your friends! Love you guys! 

Until next time,


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