Blog-mas Day 18: BYE ENGLAND – January 6, 2016

Hello and welcome to the last blog-mas! :(:(:(:(:( I know, its sad. But, there is better to come. And this si yesterdays post because i fell asleep. Anyways,

So, first i woke up at about 8:30 and got up. I ended up actually getting ready at about 10:00am and we had to be at the airport by 11:00. We also went around and saw Windsor Caste which was beautiful! So, we got to the airport and got our tickets and went through security. My bag beeped going through and had to be specially screened because i had bug-bite (Benadryl) cream in my mini-emergency kit! I am going to do a separate post talking about that sometime this month so keep your eyes peeled.

We then went to the business lounge and got some snacks and soda’s. Our plane boarded at 2:15 and took off at 3:00 and ended up landing at 1:00am (England time) or 8:00pm (America time). I slept the whole way on the drive from ATL to home.

Anyways, Blog-mas is over. A thing of the past. I hope you guys really like and let me know if you want me to go Blog-mer (over the summer). I love you all so much and thanks for the support!

Please like, comment any suggestions, feedback, or questions, and follow for weekly blog posts! We are trying to get to 30 followers and we are so close! You can do it, i believe in you. Until next time,


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