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A Moment In Time: Writing Wednesday -January 13, 2016

Hello and welcome to the first post in the Writing Wednesday series! So, in this series (as mentioned in “Posting Schedule” tab) I’m going to be writing and posting a part of a story, A Moment In Time, that is written by me every Wednesday! I actually came up with this plot back when i vacationed in California (summer 2015), and i just thought about making it a blog series. Anyways, i hope you enjoy this book/writing/story!



     Numbers. Numbers are everywhere. Not just on the time readers in the hallways, but simply everywhere. Above library’s and fitness rooms and the food hall. Floating above our heads and implanted into our wrists. Everywhere.

      Most of the numbers mean different things. The ones above our heads rank us, from physical appearance to our deepest secrets. They know everything. They, as in the leaders. They watch us and can see into our minds. Sometimes, I wish they couldn’t.

    The numbers flicker all the time. They change by your every thought. The people who have the highest numbers are ranked on a leader board of top 100. Those people get the best work departments. The top ten usually get to work for the leadership. Lucky. They have a somewhat say in what happens here.

     The numbers above the buildings mark the best places to work, do your daily exercise, and be seated for your meals. Ohh yeah, the leadership controls those too. Thats where the people who “Will only make our society worse” work at, The Nutrition Department. They inject bland food with bland nutrition and bland vitamins so we don’t die from starvation or diseases. Then they serve it to us 3 times a day. 3! Its the worst thing I’ve ever tasted in my life, but also the best because I’ve never tasted anything else.

       And the ones implanted into our wrists? We’ll get to that later. But, more importantly. I don’t know who you are, but i know you are out there. I’ve heard rumors and read illegal conspiracy books that the leadership say aren’t real. Except I know they are. That’s why I’m sending you this letter. My name is Rose Elaine Starr,



Thank for reading the Epilogue for ‘A Moment In Time’. Please like, comment any suggestions, questions, or feedback, and follow for weekly posts. I’m so excited about this series because writing is a huge passion of mine. I’m also working on a different book and I’m hoping to finish it soon. Anyways, we are trying to get to 30 followers so follow and tell our friends to show some support! Come back next Wednesday for Chapter One! Love you all! Until next time…


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