My Last Friday’s Top Fives! – January 15, 2016

Hello and welcome to todays Friday’s Top Fives! Unfortunately, this is the last FTF! Since I’ve started the new series on Wednesday called, “A Moment In Time – Writing Wednesday”, this series has to come to a close. The sole reason is so i can post series’ and still do random tag, DIY, beauty, and everything in-between posts! I just want to be able to do other posts without overloading you guys.

Anyways, this Top Five is 5 things to know before you start a blog!

  1. You probably won’t get millions of views and followers from the start – This is a common misconception from people who starts blogs. Some people the think/want to become ‘blog-famous’ and think it will happen right from the beginning, which will most likely not happen.
  2. Although most people say to keep your blog positioned on a certain topic, i think you should vary. – I think it’s healthy to vary what you post! It’s a lot more fun and can roll in a lot more followers than just doing beauty videos (for example).
  3. Make a schedule! – It doesn’t have to be a time and day schedule, it can be just a time or just a day. Mine is just a time!
  4. Set goals for your blog, long and short term – Set goals like how many times you post a week or how many places you travel and blog about in a year!
  5. Following #1, don’t focus on the numbers of views and followers, focus on fun! – I think this is the most important one out of all 5. This is the point of having a blog, just have fun!

I hope you guys enjoyed this last FTF! Please like, comment any suggestions, feedback, or questions, and follow for weekly posts! And please, please, please, comment if you want me to bring back this series because I will if thats what you want to see. Thanks for reading! Until next time,

Any more things you think someone starting a blog should know? Comment down below and i’ll be sure to reply!



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