A Moment In Time: Writing Wednesday – January 21, 2016

Hello and welcome to this Writing Wednesday! So sorry I forgot to post this yesterday but I’ve been very busy on something I am announcing Saturday. Keep your eyes peeled!Here we go,


Chapter One

     8:30 am. The time I wake up everyday. I don’t know how i wake at this exact time everyday, none of us do. None of us know a lot about anything actually. But, i will explain what i do know. So maybe you can help. We need help.

     I got out of bed and changed into my purple day clothes. Purple means that I don’t work yet. ’28’ is the number floating above them. That means 28 days left to wear them until I have to discard them.  I walk to the bathroom down the hallway and chew my breath tablet so my teeth look and smell clean. Then I wash my face with anti-acne soap and brush my hair. I pull my vibrant red hair into a bun and put on my standard issued headband.

     Then I walk downstairs and greet my mother (735), father (812), and overly-protective older brother (486).

     “Good-morning mother, father, brother,” I singsong with a smile.

     “Good-morning, Rose,” they singsong back. “Why don’t we share our dreams from last night?” my father suggests. We all smile and agree and act like its new even though this happens *every* morning. “Why don’t you start, Raymond?” Raymond is my brother. But he prefers to go by his middle name Alec instead.

     “I had a dream that we were out there. It wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be, actually. I found some people out there and we hunted a weird looking creature. Nothing like the police k-9’s. Another creature I’ve never seen before,” says Alec. His number drops to 484 just by saying those sentences.

     “Alec, we know that is only your imagination because there are only humans and k-9’s inside the known land,” says our mother whose score bounces to 740, ” Rose?”

     “I had a dream that all my hair got shaved off. I’m glad it has to be more than shoulder-length!” I say and everyone laughs. My score is 488 and it has been for as long as I can remember. It doesn’t change, ever. I don’t think it ever has. I can do good and bad and it doesn’t even do the slightest of a flicker. No one has ever asked about it because we aren’t supposed to point out each others flaws.

     “You two should be heading off to school now,” my father says looking at me and growing serious, “You don’t want another late mark on your record.” My face flushes a deep red of embarrassment and I coil away from the table to gather my school books. Alec follows me and puts a hand on my shoulder and says,

     “It’s okay to feel embarrassed. Just move on and forget it.” He smiles like he’s supposed to. His score moved to 490. When we are about to be out of the door, my dad says,

      “Rose, I apologize if i embarrassed you, ” and smiles. I nod and my brother and i walk out of the door. Alec and I walk to school and go through all of our classes like a regular day. Once we get home, we go to our rooms until it’s time for dinner. Dinner is the same thing as breakfast and lunch.

     “I hope you all had an amazing day,” said mother, “You are now dismissed to bed.” We nodded and smiled and walked up the stairs to our nearly identical bedrooms.



Thanks for reading Chapter One of ‘A Moment In Time’! I hope you enjoyed and please like, comment any suggestions, feedback, or questions, and follow for weekly posts! And we are trying to get to 30 followers so follow to show support! Come back for Chapter Two next Wednesday. Until next time,


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