January Monthly Favorites! -January 29, 2016

Hello and welcome to a Friday post! Today I’m going to be talking about my monthly favorites. Here we go,




  • Just Peachy lipgloss by Tanya Burr Cosmetics – Really love this product and layering it over a matte nude. – feel
  • EOS Lipbalm (vanilla mint) – Makes your lips soft and great for applying before the lipgloss above. – CVS
  • A Thousand Wishes Perfume, Body Wash, Shimmer, and Body Cream – I LOVE THIS SMELL. I only have the travel perfume in the picture because all my stuff is in storage until we buy a house! Really recommend this product – Bath and Body Works


  • Annie’s Organic Snack Mix – I have loved these all my life and thought i would mention it – Whole Foods
  • Altoids – Since i got my braces off and have to wear a retainer, i can’t chew gum anymore! So I’m substitution gum for sugar free altoid mints – Target



  • SOCKS – I love socks, fuzzy or not! This is only to beginning of my collection…- everywhere!
  • Avobath Lush Bath Bombs – The smell is amazing, almost like candy! – Lush
  • Unicorn Horn Lush Bubble Bar – Again, the smell is amazing and it creates awesome bubbles! – Lush


  • Stronger Than You Know – (by: Jolene Perry) – This book is amazing. I can’t describe it in any other way. The plot is well thought out and you won’t be able to put it down. This book is more on the realistic side compared to the one below – Barnes and Noble

And now, my favorite this this month,

  • The Darkest Minds Series – (by: Alexandra Braken) – I love this series. I love this series so much. Alexandra has a way of pulling on your heart strings so well. this book has a in-depth plot and amazing character development. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a dystopian reality series. Alexandra really has a way of making you get so emotionally invested in the book that you can’t put it down. You get so drawn in that you feel like you want the emotions of the story to happen to you, rather than the out there plot, and you want to be the heroine Ruby. Props to you Bracken! (I am going to be doing separate blog posts for each book+ the novella) Books in the series: The Darkest Minds, Never Fade, In The Afterlight, and the novella, Through The Dark. – Barnes and Noble

I hope you enjoyed this post and please like, comment any suggestions, feedback, or questions, and follow for weekly posts. Until next time,


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