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A Moment In Time; WW – February 3, 2016

Hello and welcome to a Wednesday blog post! Today is Writing Wednesday! Enjoy,


Chapter Three

“Rose?” i hear a questioning voice ask. “Are you there?” I see a figure climb into my window.

“Who is it?” i ask.

“Benjamin.” he says.

“Oh shut up, Ben. No one calls you Benjamin.” i say and laugh. This is who gave me the tablet. He used to live outside. I met him last month.

“As a matter-of-fact, my mother does.” he says and pokes my arm.

“Well, your mother is old. Im only 17 an a half.” i say as we sit on the ground by my window. “What are you doing here? You live in Colbert. This is Brea. How did you get here?”

“I just wanted to make sure the tablet was still working. Is it?” he says. I can see through his lie. He wanted to see me.

“Yes, the tablet is working. But, no, you’re lies aren’t.” i say and laugh.

“Fine, fine. It was partially to see you.” he says and holds up his hands. We’ve grown really close these last few weeks. This is the only way we can see each other and actually talk. I think he likes me. Like, like likes me. And guess what? I might like like him too.

“You never answered my question,” I sing-song to him.

“What question?” he says.

“How did you get here?” I ask.

“I might have snuck out a few times before. Okay, that was a lie. A lot of times before.” I smile at him and he smiles back. His goofy, teeth-full, smile. “Anyways, i need to – uh – tell you something.”

“And?” I say.

“Rose, i like you.” he says.

“I know that, dumbo. Why else would you be here?” I say and punch his arm.

“No, Rose. I like like you. I… I love you.” he says. I turn slowly to make sure he is not joking.

“Ben, i love you too.” i say. he blindly reaches out to find my hand. I lean against his shoulder and say, “But, we both know this can never happen. The Soul Mate System won’t allow it. I move to NLI in a month and a bit and you go in three months. No matter how much i want it to, it won’t.” I would rather be matched with Ben than Jerry. Me and Jerry are just friends.

He sighs, “I know. Why don’t we make it work. Why don’t we secretly see each other?”

“Ben, that’s cheating. What about when we move back here and raise kids? What if someone finds out? You know the punishment for that.” Everyone does. The punishment is being sent beyond the city limits. There is no one out there.

“I know, i know.” He says. We stay like this until we can feel the sunrise prickling our necks. He sneaks out the window and i watch as he goes back to his house, a town over. I watch the only soul outside. Then, i lie in my bed and wait for my morning alarm.


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