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A Moment In Time; WW – February 10, 2016

Hello and welcome to Writing Wednesday! Here we go,


Chapter Four

*buzz* It’s my alarm. I reach over and tap it off, then get up out of bed. I didn’t sleep after Ben came. I was barely asleep before he came, anyways. I walk over to my bathroom, change out of my night-clothes to my day-clothes, and brush my hair. I pull it into a bun because i feel like that’s appropriate for the day.

“Hi Alec, mother, and father,” i say as i walk down the stairs. I always wake after them. Their scores today are 740 (mother), 810 (father), and 478 (brother). Mine is still 488.

“Good morning Rose,” they say in unison. I sit at the table next to Alec.

“Why don’t we share our dreams?” asks mother. That’s usually father’s line! We all nod.

“I had a dream that someone tripped me whilst i walked down the street.” says Alec.

“That’s a very mean dream, Raymond. Why do you think it happened?” says father.

“I don’t know. Maybe because i saw it happen to someone or i think someone will do it to me?” says Alec. He then studies his fork.

“Maybe, Raymond. Rose?” asks mother.

“I didn’t have a dream last night,” i say. They all nod and then we walk out the door.

“Morning, Rose.” says Jerry. I wave and walk over. We walk to school together every morning. He holds out his hand and i see his wrist. The numbers. We are still the same. I place my numbers on top of his. It’s kind of like our secret handshake. We start walking down the street.

And, just when i think i’m safe, i see him.

Ben is walking down the street in my direction.Not just in my direction, towards me.

“Good morning, Rose.” he says once he’s close enough.

“Good morning, Benjamin,” I say. God, i called him Benjamin. He just nods and walks away. Just like that. For some stupid reason, i thought today would be different. But, it isn’t. Just. Like. That.


Thanks for reading and join me next Wed for chapter five! Please like, comment any suggestions, feedback, or questions below, and follow for weekly posts! Until next time,

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