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Illuminae (The Illuminae Files) Review! – February 19, 2016

Hello and welcome to a Friday post! This morning i finished The Illuminae Files by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff and thought i would review it. I will warn if there are any spoilers!


I loved this book. It was really hard to get into, because of the format (interviews, surveillance footage, a computer AI, emails, and IMs), but once you do, you can never escape. I would recommend this to anyone. 1 of the 2 things i found wrong with it was the lack of information on the back of the book. It makes it seem that the information that will solve everything is in the hands on Kady’s ex-boyfriend, but it’s so much more than that. I hate when a summary (back of the book) overshares, like The Darkest Minds, but i also hate when it undershares. Because, in the summary of this book, it leaves out a MAJOR detail that you find out later.

9/10 – the other reason it isn’t 100% is because some of it didn’t really make sense. And, some of it really wast realistic, and even though its dystopian, it was a little out there. (SPOILER SOMEWHAT) Like, for example, when Kady was on a ship and it exploded and she survived by getting into an escape pod 30 minutes to an hour after the explosion and floating in space for a week. Just to remind you, with no food or water.


10/10 – this book is on the way, way, way far dystopian side. CRAZY!


So, this book starts out with Kady Grant thinking about her ex-boyfriend, Ezra, after their breakup that morning. Then their planet is invaded by a company called Beitech. They kill thousands of people because they think the people on planet Kerenza are illegally mining, which they are. Kady and Ezra escape in her mom’s pickup truck and get taken to different escape ships – Kady to the Hypatia and Ezra to the Alexander.

But then it get’s interesting. People on the other battleship, Copernicus, start to fall ill to a plaque called Phobos. Phobos makes people go all crazy psycso. The Artificial itnellegiance, AIDAN, then does the unthinkable. He makes the Alexander, the ship it controls, fire down the Copernicus. Almost everyone dies, and the ones that don’t have Phobos. They keep the sick locked in Hanger Bay 4, basically to die. So, they shutdown AIDAN. Ezra was one of the pilots who saw the Copernicus die.

The captains and officials on the ships say it was the Lincoln, a Bietech ship in pursuit of them, that shot down the Copernicus. Kady goes come deep digging, or hacking, to see what really happened. She has the help of Bryon, a thirty-ish year old hacker on Hypatia. The officials are hiding things and Kady needs to know. She doesn’t trust anyone and has no one left. Besides Ezra who she hasn’t talked to in 5-6 months (doesn’t specify).

She decides to answer his email/ IM’s and they start talking again. She asks him to download something onto a computer in the Alexander so she can remotely hack the system. In return, she will tell him where his friend who got taken into Hanger Bay 4 went and what could’ve possibly happened to him.

And then the Lincoln starts to catch up to them and they know something is up. they start to prepare to fight the Lincoln, not knowing that they should be fighting their own team. The truth comes out that Alexander is trying to turn AIDAN back on, and Hypatia gets mad. They threaten to leave Alexander to get to the jump gate, safety, alone but don’t have enough bravery to do so.

First, the Alexander orders two computer-tech people over from the Hypatia, one being Bryon and some random girl.So Bryon is now on the Alexander and Kady is on the Hypatia. The Alexander turns AIDAN on, with the help of the comp.-techs, who orders pilots to fly out in little ships called cyclones, one being Ezra. Then there is a big hacking scene between Kady and Bryon, trying to steer the cyclones and ultimately make AIDAN work properly. And, this book is so interestingly written; this section was from AIDAN’s view.Then Bryon says that AIDAN is the one who saved their lives because he could never have finished the code in time.

The AIDAN opens the Hanger Bay 4 doors; the bay full of Phobo infected maniacs who will kill everyone. And, they do. They manage to kill thousands, including the captain. Then AIDAN tells the Hypatia to not move or it will fire missiles to kill them.Next 20-40 escape pods fire out of the Alexander to safety. Katy is then called to a shift for computer-savvy people, which she does not show.

Then Kady does the craziest thing ever. She does down to Hanger Bay 1B and climbs aboard Shuttle 49A to go save Ezra who is trapped on the Alexander. She has a hilarious conversation with the captain of Hypatia and i laughed out loud reading it. And, to my surprise, Kady went into Hanger Bay 4 (she has a hazmat suit so she doesn’t get sick) to try and see if her mother is there, who was transferred to the Copernicus before the attack. She then has to dodge tons of sick people to get to Ezra in the AIDAN hub, we could call it.

But, when she gets there, AIDAN tells Kady that Ezra is dead and that it was the one IMing her the whole time.She breaks down, but agrees to help AIDAN to save every living life on Alexander. After navigating everyone for over an hour to an escape pod, she has to go to a different ship level. And to get there, she has to go outside. Coincidentally, she gets Ezra’s space suit. Then tons of fighting happens with sick people.

And, when the Lincoln finally attacks with missiles, Kady and AIDAN are there to fight back. They fire nuclear missiles towards Lincoln and the Lincoln burns. But, not after firing more missiles that hit the Alexander. Katy experiences “acute exposure to Gamma radiation” and almost dies. Then AIDEN lets her go down to an escape pod and at least get the story about what happened out, but most likely not her. She basically had two days-two weeks to live.

She floats in the pod for a week with no food and water (which is impossible, by the way) and gets saves by Hypatia. Then she and lover-boy, Ezra, and reunited!


Really love this book and a excited for the second and third books in the trilogy and a possible movie?!


Thanks for reading and please like, comment any suggestions, questions, or feedback below, and follow for weekly posts! Until next time,



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