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To My Friend Who Really Wasn’t My Friend Reaction- February 25, 2016

Hello and welcome to an (INSERT DAY) post! This post is my opinion of the “To my friend who wasn’t really my friend” letter! I will like it below. Enjoy,

This girl is slaying life! She called out a fake friend for being fake and not sticking with her in the times of need. Goodness, I’ve had many experiences like this myself. A year or so back, i had a “Friend Cleanse”. I basically weaved out the friends i didn’t think i needed in my life. It has proven to be the absolute right thing to do!

So, this is about a girl who didn’t want a person in her life anymore and decided to blog about it. I love how empowering it makes you feel to read this and if i were her, i would have felt amazing to post it. I definitely praise her for this and am glad she called out a fake friend. You go girl!


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To My Friend Who Wasn’t Really My Friend – click here!

*QUESTION TIME* How do you feel about this? Tell me below!


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