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Before I Fall Book Review! – March 1, 2016

Hello and welcome to a Tuesday post! Here we go,


Before I Fall – by Lauren Oliver

This is an amazing book about life, death, and finding yourself.


7/10 – I think this book kind of drones on sometimes. And one question: (SOMEWHAT SPOILER) how did Sam know she would relive the day of her death seven times? At the beginning she was confused about it and then at the end, she somehow knew it would be the last time. How?


4/10 – it takes place in a realistic world of teenagers, but a twist! (SOMEWHAT SPOILER) Sam dies and has to relive the day of her death seven times.


This book is about a girl named Sam who is very popular. She has three best friends, Elody, Lindsay, and Ally, and a boyfriends, Rob. One day, she goes to a party and her car crashes and she dies. But then she wakes up and it’s the morning again. She has to relive the day seven times, but only her, not the people around her. On one, she get’s mad at her friends and makes new ones. On the seventh day, she breaks up with Rob and kisses a lifelong friend named Kent. But, on all of them, these things stay constant: she wakes up, goes to school, goes to a party, and tries to save her life. But then she realizes that the importance isn’t saving her life. There importance is saving those around her.
Because the reason they even got in the car crash is because a girl, Juliet, her group picked on from a young age tried to jump in front of their car and kill herself. Over the course of the week, Sam tries to save her life, her friends lives, and the girl, Juliet. And, on the last day, she follows Juliet into the woods like she did the three days before.When they got near the road, she heard Kent, Elody, Lindsay, and Ally running a little ways behind them. They were trying to get to Sam while Sam was trying to get to Juliet before she killed herself.
When Sam made it to the road, she realized she couldn’t save both of their lives. When Juliet jumps into the road, Sam jumps too and pushes Juliet out of the way. Sam then gets hit by the car and she can hear her friends yelling at her to stop. Juliet goes up to her and says, “You saved me. Why would you save me?” But, Sam is too far. Unfortunately, Sam dies, but dies saving the people she loves.


I love, and hate, the turn Oliver takes on this book. The plot is amazing and she was brave enough to take the turn by killing the main character like Divergent.Great book!


Thanks for reading and please like, comment any suggestions, feedback or questions and follow for weekly posts! Until next time,


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