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A Moment In Time; WW – March 2, 2016

Hello and welcome to a Writing Wednesday! Here we go,


Chapter 7:

A week later, after the Rebellion contacted me, Ben and I decided to escape.But, not just escape. We, and the Rebellion Outreacher’s, decided to make a revenge plot. And, we decided to help out some other people while we’re at it.

STOP ONE: I went to Ben’s window and, of course, he was awake and dressed head to toe in black, just like me.

“Why, hello, Rose Elaine Starr,” he jokes as i roll silently into his room.

“Shush, Ben. Let’s get out of here already,” I say back to his smirk. He follows me out of the window and into the dead of night.

STOP TWO: The second stop is at the far wall of the library, which isn’t quite a library due to the lack of books. We run to the wall and Ben swings his bag off, tossing me a can of purple spray paint. Purple is the color of the Rebellion, was what we were told.

“Do the honors,” he says, sprinting ahead to our next stop. I take the can and start up the long row of houses. I draw the Rebellion symbol on every one of them. Which is, “<=>”. And, gladly, write the words the city leaders will learn to hate:


STOP THREE: The third stop is at the security building. Before we go in, Ben tosses me a fake gun that the Rebellion sent us in our bag of illegal goodies, spray paint being one of them, and instructions for what to do with each thing. He pulls out his own and burst the door down. I follow him in and yell,

“Stay exactly where you are or we will shoot!”

“What is going on?” someone yells, but puts their hands up.

“What the…” someone else asks, but does the same. All ten of them stand and do as we say. I tell them to go to the other side of the room and they do. Ben watches then while i go to one of the computers and hack with the Rebellion’s codes.

And, all at once, every single door’s lock in the city pops open. Some people run out immediately, others stay inside because of confusion. Everyone is seeing the vandalism on their homes, and some realize what it is. Then, i do Stop four.

STOP FOUR: I run to the next room and grab the intercom microphone.

“Hello, city. My name is Rose Elaine Starr, and i sent for help. Guess what? I got it. Follow me to be free. Follow me to join the Rebellion. Now or never.” i say and shut off the mic, then pick it up for the last sentence. “Rebels… Will… Win!”


Thanks for reading and please like, comment any suggestions, feedback, or questions, and follow for weekly posts! Join me next Wed for Chapter Eight! until next time,



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