Movie Mood(ie?) – March 3, 2016

Hello and welcome to a very random post! Here we go,

For some reason, i’ve been in a very weird mood. I’ve been in a movie mood! I have just really wanted to watch a movie, but can’t find any good ones. It’s so difficult to find good movies if you are a reader, i have found. I read about, on a good one, 2-3 books a week so it’s hard to watch movies and get bored. Especially book->movie adaptations. But i really like watching movies when they are good, for example “The Perks Of Being A Wallflower”. I think they portrayed the book really well, only missing out one key element. But, it’s so hard to find good movies nowadays!


Thanks for reading and please like, comment any suggestions, feedback or questions, and follow for weekly posts! And sorry about that random rant, but you will find these on here often. Until next time,

*QUESTION TIME* Any movies you liked? Tell me below!


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