Happy Ending Books? – March 4, 2016

Hello and welcome to a Friday post! This post is a huge controversy i thought i would discuss. Here we go,

DISCUSSION TOPIC: Happy Ending Books!

I honestly have a love/hate relationship with happy ending books. Sometimes, i could use a happy ending book. But others, i absolutely hate them. And i don’t mean i love sad books, i love books that leave you with an okay feeling. Happy endings book give you false perceptions life. It makes people think it could happen to them. Like the guy gets the girl or the orphan gets adopted. i like endings that don’t leave you craving for more, whether it’s more about the plot or the characters. I like ending that make you think about them and feel okay. Not good, not sad, but okay. Because, let’s be honest. The guy doesn’t always get the girl and good things don’t always happen. So we need more okay ending books, not happy endings.


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*QUESTION TIME* Do you agree?


2 thoughts on “Happy Ending Books? – March 4, 2016

  1. I see what you mean by this. You want more realistic endings and I can agree with you on this.
    Though I have to admit that I can’t think of any books that I wished had a different ending, lol. But I’ve read a lot of books. I can’t remember them all. 😉

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