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A Moment In Time; WW – March 9, 2016

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Chapter 8:

STOP FIVE: the fifth stop of the night, I pay a visit to Mr.Pres himself. I want to say a selection of words to him and curse his future children. Plus, he’s the only one with the gate opener. That’s all there is between us and the wild. A gate. 

I turn the corner to see his mansion is heavily guarded. Ben runs up to the other side and we come around the wall in unison. Why is this so easy? That’s probably not a good sign.

“Stand still with your hands up!” Ben shouts and and raises his gun. The guards whip their heads around in surprise. All of them pull out their own, real, guns and train them on us. “Or i will shoot!” Ben says. Someone pulls out a grenade and gets ready to pull the ring off.

“Oh, look! We have those too!” I yell and pull out my own grenade. And, before we know what’s happening, I chuck it at them and it explodes. We run into the building, stepping over the bodies (most aren’t dead!).Another set of guards meet us, but pull off their uniforms to reveal purple. Rebels. i realize. “Go check on the people, okay?” i say to the leader of the ‘inside the gate Rebels’. “We’ll get Mr.Pres.”

“By get do you mean kill?” he asks me. I recognize him. I think his name is Alex. He’s really high up in the Rebellion. He’s the one i contacted to plan this. He’s the one who chose me to lead it.

“What? Think a girl can’t handle that?” i ask with a fake flirtatious smile. My heart is still set on Ben and everyone knows that. I’ve met all these people once we set up the plan a week ago. I run past them with Ben on my heels. Ben is oddly silent and i really don’t want to ask why.

I can see the door to the President’s bedroom is slightly open. I turn to Ben and he nods, kissing my forehead for reassurance. I take the opportunity and Ben watches my back.

I knock on the door twice. “Mr. President?”i ask and hear someone yell, “Yes.” i recognize his voice immediately.

“Mr. President, sir? It appears that the Rebellion is attacking the cities, sir.” i use a fake deep voice to sound like a guard. Ben presses against my back with his, making sure no one is coming to take us down.”And, Mr. President, sir. The Rebels appear to be attacking you!” I yell, returning to my regular voice as i kick the door open the rest of the way. Ben spins around and points the gun directly at him. He must’ve changed his fake one for a real one from one of the guards because i don’t see the orange ring on the back. The President sitting on his bed.

“Whoa!” President yells and yanks open his drawer, pulling out a gun the exact same as Ben’s. In one swift motion, Ben uses his free hand and holds me behind him. The President stands, but right next to his bed.

“We come peacefully,” Ben says. “Come with us with no gun and you will not be harmed. We are overtaking the cities and taking refugees to the Rebellion Capital.”

“Put the gun down and come with us,” Alex runs into the room with more of his ‘inside the gate’ rebels behind him. “We will not harm you or any more of your people if you come peacefully.” Alex raises his gun and then this happens.

“Don’t shoot me or I will shoot her,” The President says, gesturing with the gun to me. He meets my eyes and points it right at my chest. Ben pulls me in tighter behind him. I turn slowly to see Alex staring at me too. He makes a questioning look and meets my gaze. He’s asking me if he can do it. I hold up one finger against my leg, mouth ‘distract’, and he nods.

I tap Ben’s back once which means ‘one second’ in our language we created for when we walked in the streets. He taps mine twice with his hand that is trying to keep me behind him which means ‘no way’. ‘I love you,’ i tap on his back. His arm falls back to his side, once he realizes he can’t stop me, and then rises to help hold the gun.

“You know we wouldn’t let that happen,” Ben says pointedly, risking a glance to Alex. But, we’ve already made up our minds. I have to do this. We need to get the civilians to safety and this is taking too long.  “Drop the gun and come with us.” Alex motions for his rebels to close the space between us and them. They do and make a tunnel big enough for me to squeeze slowly through without President noticing.

Alex stands at the far side and motions for me to go through the tunnel of human bodies. Ben and Alex are keeping President distracted while i go through. Someone hands me a gun and another hands me a knife. Someone pats me on the back and Alex lets me stand behind him. I see what they want me to do and i know i need to do it.

Alex closes the distance between him and the bed, and the rest of the rebels help to close it. The President doesn’t even notice I’m not behind Ben and is still pointing the gun at him. I crawl under the President’s bed without a sound. My body is small enough to wiggle under. I find the button under his bed. The gate opener. I push it in my pocket for later. I see the President’s feet about a foot from my head. He’s facing the Rebels, so i crawl out behind him and stand and he still hasn’t noticed me.

“You know,” i glance around for dramatic effect as everyone’s heads swivel to me. “This room is really nice and clean and white. It would be a shame if something were to… happen…” I glance at the President’s shocked face once he turns and i smirk.

Before he can get a clean shot on me, i use my knee to flip the gun out of his hand. He grunts as i push him to the ground and pull his arms behind his back. Alex come over and takes him from me, hauling him off the ground and giving me a high five. Alex’s rebel group applauds and i do a bow. Ben is immediately at my side.

“I’m telling you good job, but please don’t do that again, Rose,” Ben says and then kisses my forehead. I press the button for the gate to open. We help all the civilians pass the city limits to the Rebellion.

And we leave the city behind…


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