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Favorite Books Right Now – March 14, 2016

Hello and welcome to a Monday post! I’ve been reading and writing a lot recently so, here are my favorites at the moment. I’m not including my favorite-books-of-all-time in this, just ones I’ve read recently. No spoilers will be included. Here we go,

1+ Speechless – Hannah Harrington /// 9/10 for the sole reason i refuse to rate anything to be 100% perfect. This book is about a girl who cannot keep secrets. She finds something out one night, tells her friends, and someone almost dies. She takes a vow of silence and is immediately deemed an outcast. Basically, her high-school year of silence and new beginnings.

2+ Mosquitoland – David Arnold /// 8/10, this is an amazing book that focusses on mental health and real-life situations. This is about a girl who has schizophrenia, her aunt also had it. She lives with her dad, because her mom left them, and step mom who she hates. She wants to go to her mom, and when she finds out life-changing news, she hops on a greyhound bus to find her. This is her story of adventures and finding the difference between made-up and reality.

3+ Love Letters to the Dead – Ava Dellaira /// 8/10, i like this book a lot and it’s written like my favorite-book-of-all-time The Perks Of being A Wallflower. LLTTD is about a girl whose sister died and she is starting freshman year in high school. her teacher assigns them to write on letter to a dead person, like a famous dead person, and she does. But, she doesn’t turn it in and continues to write letters to other dead celebrities. She talks about finding friends, boyfriends, and navigating her new life with her favorite person, her sister, missing.

4+ Thirteen Reasons Why – Jay Asher /// 7/10, the only reason it’s not up there with Speechless is because of the lack of character development. You don’t learn about the characters at all. All you learn about is the girl who died, and why she died. Which is interesting,  but i really wanted to learn more about the guy whose perspective it is written by. So, as you heard, it’s about this girl who died. She made cassette tapes with thirteen reasons why she died, and every reason is a person. She made them pass the tapes around and if anyone tried to stop them, another person would send them out to everyone to listen to. It’s based around a boy who gets the tapes and tries to figure out why he is on them, and when he finds out why, it just might change his perspective on life.

5+ The Beginning of Everything – Robyn Schneider /// 7/10, this book has a really great plot and i love how it blends tragedy with adventure with love. So, this is about a boy who was in a car accident that shattered his leg and ruined his dreams of an athletic career. He is branded an outcast. On the first day back from summer break, he discovers that his old friends from middle school hasn’t changed one bit and accepts him back into the old friends group. Then a mysterious new girl comes to school and he sets out on the adventure of trying to understand and become friends with her. Amazingly written book and a well-thought out plot


Thanks for reading and please like, comment any suggestions, feedback or questions, and follow for weekly posts! Until next time,

*QUESTION TIME* Read any of these books? Put your review below!


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