A Moment In Time

A Moment In Time; WW – March 16, 2016

Hello and welcome to a Writing Wednesday! This is the final chapter of A Moment In Time. Here we go,



This story started with love, and it ends with it too. The only reason I’m writing this letter is because some day, the Rebellion might make it into a book. So children can look at in in the future and think, “Wow. I couldn’t imagine living like this!” My letters started after i met Ben. He opened my eyes to the flaws of the Soul-Mate System. He showed me that that was not true love. What we have is.

We now live freely. The Soul-Mate System and the cities are dead and long gone, never to return. The Rebellion is also gone, but the memories will never fade. I will always remember the escape night. I will always remember those we lost. But, i look forward to being free. There is nothing but peace and love, now.

We all live freely and among each other. The Earth that none of us new, we are now close to. Ben and I are still together. Jerry even found love of his own. I would never give up Ben for the world. The only weird thing is, Ben and I are on the council. The Rebellion made a council once everyone had calmed down and processed their losses from the escape. Ben and I are “second in command”. The first is Alex. And thats it. Not much of a council, huh?

But, this is my last letter. My first was a calling for help. The Rebellion sent help. The rest was my story. So, i hope you had a nice time reading this. And, if you are reading this in book-form, we are long-gone. Remember Ben and I. Remember Alex. Remember Gerry. Remember all the lives we lost. Remember the cities, NLI, and the Soul-Mate System. And, most importantly, remember how this all started.

” My name is Rose Elaine Star. Please. Send. Help.”


Thanks for reading and please like, comment any suggestions, feedback or questions, and follow for weekly posts! This is the end of AMIT, but i might carry on WW with poetry or more short stories. Until next time,


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