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The Probability of Miracles Review! – March 18, 2016

Hello and welcome to a Friday post! This is a post about a book i actually finished fifteen minutes ago. Here we go,

The Probability of Miracles – by: Wendy Wunder

9/10! This is an amazing book about disease, love, family, friendship, life, death and all of those things mixed together. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Fair warning, keep tissues nearby.

Realistic (1) to Dystopian (10):
4/10 – The only reason it isn’t 1/10 is because the story takes place in a place called Promise, Maine where purple dandelions grow, flamingos land, the sunset lasts 3 hours, and is a town of miracles. So, the stuff that takes place in the town isn’t realistic, but the overall plot is.

This is about a girl named Cam who was diagnosed with cancer when she was 11. She has a rare form that usually only babies get, and they usually live, but if teen+ people get it, it is hard to rid. She was in St.Jude hospital for chemo when she was younger and met a girl names Lily who turned into her best friend, even though Cam lived in Florida and Lily lives in North Carolina. Lily also has the cancer Cam has. After they leave the hospital, they stay inn touch and talk everyday.
They are now 18 when the story starts. Her family lived right near Disney, world or land we will never know, because Cam’s mom works there. Cam’s family is Hawaiian so they take place in the Hawaiian performances like hula dancing and flame throwing. Cam still has cancer and has seizures because of it. When Cam and Lily were in the hospital, they made a list called a “Flamingo List”, their favorite animal, and set out to do everything on it before they die.
Cam goes to one of her appointments at the hospital and the doctor who’s he’s had for 5 years says that they can’t do anything. She’s going to die. So, because Cam refuses to do anymore treatment, her mother makes Cam and her younger sister Perry, maybe twelve(?), pack up to move to Promise, Maine, the land of miracles. But, Cam doesn’t believe in miracles.
Before they get there, they make a pitstop at Lily’s house in NC. Lily and Cam have an argument because Lily’s boyfriend is using her and told Cam, but Lily refuses to believe her. So, they leave on bad terms and head to Promise. One of the funniest parts of the book is how to find Promise. To fine Promise, you have to go to a certain Dunkin’ Donuts, buy a whoopee pie and chocolate milk, circle the building three times, and then drive through bushes for 1/2 a mile. Then, you emerge in Promise.
Upon arrival, they go to a lobster restaurant, ironically named “Lobster Pound”, where Cam buys a Lobster for a pet instead of eating it. She buys it from a waiter named Asher who lets them stay at a house, he stays in the guest house. Someone, as Cam describes it, Asher always shows up when she needs help. But, Cam still doesn’t believe in miracles and hermits in her room with her bird, Tweety who miraculously showed up after them loosing him in Florida.
She ends of going to a party and making friends with people, including Asher, and ends up crossing two things off her “Flamingo List”, which she has set out to finish before she dies. More miraculous things happen, but Cam still doesn’t believe. i know I’m missing out a lot of the plot, but i can’t summarize everything! So, Cam decides to call Lily and apologize. She doesn’t answer. Cam calls her house phone and Kathy, her mom picks up. Then, Kathy informs her that Lily died three days before.
Cam is heart broken, and since nothing seems to be working out, takes some pills and almost drives off a cliff. But, Asher shows up just in time to save her, as always. She’s emitted to a hospital, but discharged when her mom sees she’s okay. Asher continues to show up and save her just when she needs it.
Then, Cam gets a letter from Make-a-Wish in a the mail that says her and ten others can go to Disney. Cam quickly realizes that Lily sent a paper in pretending to be her in order to do this, because Cam literally lived in Disney world working there. She, Asher, and seven others, including her sister, get on a plane and go to her home in Disney. She didn’t ask her mom because she knew her mother would say no, and just left.
When they get back to Promise, they bring Cams’ mom’s boyfriends and encourage him to propose. He does and she says yes. Cam starts to feel sicker during the wedding, which is three days later in their front yard, but takes Advil and pushes through it. Then, she gets another package that has Lily’s “Flamingo List”. She sets out, even though she is getting weaker and sicker, to accomplish at least the ones she can. Like, surfing, skinny-dipping, and kissing the love of your live, Asher.
But, Asher and Cam have an argument and he sets out on a boat in the middle of a freak storm. During which, Cam has another seizure and is getting weaker and sicker, so her family piles back into her car and drives to a hospital. (STOP READING HERE IF YOU DON’T WANT TO BE 100% SPOILED! YOU AHVE BEEN WARNED) She gets emitted into the hospital and they say they can’t do anything to help her. Her mother, sister, and grandma share a goodbye, and then while they are asleep, Asher shows up.
They also say goodbye, and in the middle of their conversation (STOP READING NOW! NOW!) she unfortunately dies.

I think it was a brave path for Wunder to go down, killing the main character. I definitely hate the ending, but you could tell it would happen throughout the book, especially the end. Props to Wunder for the bravery to go down the usually unused path! But, you really do fall in love with the characters and the plot, so i would recommend to anyone who likes these kind of books.


Thanks for reading and please like, comment any suggestions, feedback, or questions, and follow for weekly posts! Until next time,


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