California Month 3! -April 23, 2016

Hello and welcome to a Saturday post! Today is our three month Cali-versary and this is what we’ve been up to,

1-We moved into our house! Three weeks ago, i believe, was move in day! Our house is so cute and has a pool, which is obviously my favorite thing about it. I will be doing a room tour/post thingy once i get a bed!

2-Paramount Ranch Hike and Set – With the transitions group from my dad’s work we went on a ‘hike’ around the Paramount Ranch. It is a huge canyon with an Old West movie set that has been used in lots of films and is going to be used in an upcoming TV show.


3-Painting walls and furniture! – In our new house, we’ve painted a lot of walls and three fireplaces. I’m going to do a whole blog post about them in a few weeks, once we are mostly done with painting, and tell you what we used and how we did it!

So, we’ve been having an amazing time in Cali and I’m going to have some interesting posts over the summer!


Thanks for reading and please like, comment any suggestions, feedback, or questions, and follow for weekly posts! Until next time,

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