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April Favorites! – April 30, 2016

Hello and welcome to a Saturday post! This is my April Favorites;

DSC_1613 2.JPG

1 – Sephora Concealer in Buttercream – I bought this a few days ago and love it already! i used to use a CVS bought concealer and this one is so much better!
2 – Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette – I love this palette! Ive used this in a recent blog post doing a creepy doll makeup, that will be my next halloween costume. But, i really do love this because you can do natural and then over-the-top costume makeup!

1 – Peppermint Tea! – As a brit, it is stereotypical for me to drink tea. But, i do love drinking tea!
2 – Minute Maid Light Lemonade – We found this at target in cans! It is so tasty!

1 – Target Dungarees (British word for Overalls) – My mom found these dungarees at target for $20! I’ve worn these many times and have received tons of compliments. I also like to wear the next thing underneath them:
2 – Urban Outfitters Brown(?) Top – I got this top at UO about a year and a bit ago. i don’t know if they sell it anymore but i love it still and it works perfectly under the dungarees.
3 – Converse – So, I’ve been a converse-wearer for years and have been loving my black high-tops recently.

For some reason, I’ve been loving mystery/ thriller books this month so two of the books in this list fall under that category. The other two fall under mental health. (All fiction of course!)
1 – Underwater by: Marisa Reichardt – 9/10/// this book was amazing! Here is a little summary: A school shooting, which Morgan was unintentionally involved in, leaves Morgan with a fear of leaving the safety of her apartment, or agoraphobic. She is too scared to step outside of the door or let anyone other than her mother and brother, Ben who is six, who she shares the apartment with, inside.Then, a boy from Hawaii moves in next door and the change in the building leaves her unsettled, in a good way. She is done being afraid. She wants to set foot outside the door.
2 – They All Fall Down by: Roxanne St. Claire – 9/10/// This book is definitely a thriller book! The plot has too many twists to count. I have to admit, i didn’t expect a few of those. So, here is a summary: Every year, an unknown source makes a list of the hottest girls at Vienna High. The list transforms ten girl’s lives into amazing things; popularity, party invites, new friends, and the jocks falling at their feet. But, this year is different. This year, if you’re on the list, you life doesn’t just transform. This year, it ends.
So, here is a little bit of a spoiler so that the summary above makes sense:
The girls on the list are dying in order and no one knows why. Kenzie, who the story is narrated by, is number 5 on the list. Some blame a mysterious curse and others think it’s murder. Whatever it is, the thing doing it is making it look like an accident. Like someone with a peanut allergy ‘accidentally’ eating nuts. Or, your stove spewing gas into an entire house with all the windows and doors shut. Kenzie is already mourning the death of her brother, who died two years before, and she doesn’t think she can handle any more. She has to put an end to it. She has to find the killer.
3 – The Girl In The Wall by: Daphne Benedis-Grab – 8/10/// I loved this book! This is also a mystery/thriller with a mental health related sub-plot. I have to admit, though; i figured out the biggest twist in the first chapter. Here is the summary:  Sera and Ariel used to be best friends. Until Ariel got attacked by a group of people in Mexico and shut down. Completely. Sera would look into her eyes and see nothing but black. Sera was worried that Ariel was gone for good. So, Sera told the counselor at their school and got Ariel sent to the hospital. Ariel turns the whole school against Sera and she becomes the school pariah. But, this book takes place nine months later. At Ariels birthday party that Sera’s dad is forcing her to go to. All of their classmates are going too. They even get a private concert by teenage rockstar Hudson Winters. But, then the entire party is taken hostage and the girls have to take completely different paths, end up coming together again, ultimately trying to make it through the night with themselves and everyone else alive.
4 – Wintergirls by: Laurie Halse Anderson – 8/10/// This is a great book. I can only explain it through the summary: Lia and Cassie make a pact to be the skinniest girls in school. The best friends get to a goal and then make another. And another. And another. But then Cassie dies and Lia is left behind to put the pieces together. She is haunted by her death and feels guilty for not being able to help her. This book is Lia’s story of loss, revival, a downward spiral of unfortunate events, and finally help.

On my Spotify, find my name in the ‘find me’ tab, you will be able to see my ultimate playlist!
1 – We The Kings – I say WTK in concert on April 8, i think, and they were amazing. The blog post is linked below.
2 – The Lumineers – They released a new album recently and I’m seeing them in May!
3 – Walk The Moon Live Album – The live album on Spotify is amazing because, not only do you hear their true sound, their commentary and ‘Meditation’ clips are so funny!
Where Have I Been? – April 9, 2016



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