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Hate List Review – May 5, 2016

Hello and welcome to a Thursday post!

Hate List by: Jennifer Brown.

8/10 – The reason this book isn’t 100% amazing, because it was, is only because of a few things. One of which being the ending; the ending was just too perfect! It actually makes me annoyed at how good the book ended, and it was two of my worst enemies: a happy ending and an open-ending. Another two things being how mean her father and one of the girls is. I just don’t think it was fair on her.

Five months before the story takes place, Valerie’s boyfriend Nick opens fire in their school commons at the end of junior year.Valerie, in an attempt to stop him, gets shot and accidentally saved a girl who bullied her, Jessica. Valerie is obviously taken to hospital, but then is accused as a suspect and accomplice. But, Valerie had no idea Nick was going to do it. Valerie wasn’t involved in it at all. Until she realizes, she unintentionally was involved in the deaths.
Since freshman year, Nick and Valerie had been compiling a notebook of people they hated, or the Hate List. Valerie used it as a way to vent anger and they didn’t really take it seriously. Until Nick did. Until Nick used the list to target people and kill them, since most were at their school, then kill himself. So, many thought Valerie was guilty because of the list and multiple email conversations where they talked about death. Many blame her because of that, and some even blame her because they want to be able to blame someone who is alive.
But then, senior year comes around and the school invites Valerie back. Valerie is dreading the day and, when it finally comes, learns she dreaded for the right reasons. All of her, and Nick’s, old friends have abandoned her and she has no one on her side. Not even her parents or younger brother, Frankie, trust her. So, this story is basically how she deals with her last year of high school, the hate and bullying, the emotions, the pain, the unlikely friendships, and, mostly, learning to let go of the past and dive into the unknown future without looking back once.

I really liked this book! I was nearly in tears with the ending and beginning and middle and everything. The saddest scenes were probably in the hospital, the shooting flashbacks, and the cruelty and threats from other people. My favorite scenes, though, had to be when she was thinking about how Nick used to be way before the shooting, back when they were only two loners in love. They were adorable and i was smiling through them all. I would recommend this to anyone who likes to read about moving on from a tragedy that changes your entire world!


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