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Fun Summer Ideas! – June 9, 2016

Hello and welcome to a Tuesday post! Today, we’re going to talk about what to do over the summer.

1- Hike! – In CA, there are some great hikes. My family does like to hike and one of my favorites is Point Mugu State Park. It has amazing views of mountains and oceans and, a plus, afterwards you can go relax on the beach.

2- Swim! – We have a pool in our yard and i love swimming! It’s a fun way to cool down, exercise, and spend time with family and friends.

3- Paint! – My sister and i have been painting a lot recently. Im probably going to do a separate blog for my canvas paintings sometime this month.

4- DIY! – I love DIY! My sister and i have also been making jewelry with supplies from a Michael’s store near us and it’s so much less money than buying jewelry.

5- Ride your bike instead of driving! – This is good exercise and also great for the environment! I have not yet done this but i probably will one day.

6- Beach! – My family are a big fan of the beach. Right now, with my siblings, friends, and grandma here, we have to entertain a big audience. The beach is fun for all because there is everything from swimming, wave-jumping (a personal fave), and relaxing with a book.

7- Go to all the places you said you would go to but you haven’t! –  I am a person who says, “Oh we should do that sometime,” and i never get around to it. So, go to that coffee shop that looks cool but you haven’t had the time; go to that mall a few towns over and have a “TREAT YO SELF” day; do whatever you want to! Just do things you said you would and you haven’t yet.


Thanks f0r reading and please like, comment any suggestions, feedback or questions and follow for weekly posts! Until next time,

* QUESTION TIME * What is a fun summer idea you have?


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