The Boy On The Subway

The Boy On The Subway; WW – June 8, 2016

Hello and welcome to today’s Writing Wednesday! Today, it’s the same day, same time, same city, and same place from the perspective of TBOTS’s mom. Here we go,


I wake up six in the morning. I climb out of bed and look around the apartment. The kitchen and living room are right inside of the entry way, Jonah, my son’s room is right across my room, and the bathroom is through the kitchen. The apartment is small but cozy.
While I’m making breakfast, Jonah swings open his bedroom door and says, “What time is it?”
“6:45,” I say. Jonah stops rubbing his eyes and looks at me, bewildered.
“Mom, you better be joking,” he says. “6:45 am?”
“Yes, Joe.” I say, “Get ready right now! You’re taking the subway.” He runs past me, giving me a hug, then tumbles into the bathroom. Jonah is out in two minutes and grabs a few pieces of toast, then grabs his backpack.
“Love you mom!” He says while running out of the door. I open my mouth and the door slams.
“Love you too, Joe.” i say to the door. i sigh and smile, sinking into the couch with a cup of coffee to open my mail. Bill after bill later, i see something i shouldn’t see. Something i wish upon no one. Overdo Rent, is written in read letters on top of a bill i should’ve paid last month. Then, Eviction Notice. I immediately set down my coffee and open my laptop, typing in my bank account information. all the accounts are empty, besides Jonah’s but he got his money from working and i could never take it. What do i do? Do i call Bryan-?
*Knock knock* I hear on the front door. Who would come to my apartment? Jonah’s father, my ex-husband? One of Jonah’s friends? Someone from work who found out where i live?
“Eileen?” Is that Benjamin from work? “I know you’re in there because you didn’t show up to work.” Bingo. “Let me in.” I walk to the door and open it. Benjamin has never been to my apartment before; i don’t know ho the knows where i live. Benjamin is in the next office over from me at work and we’re good friends. We have never and might never be anything more.
“How do you know where i live?” i ask.
“I work with you. You’ve mentioned the apartment building before and i asked the employee downstairs.” i look down and notice an envelope in his hand but don’t ask what it is. “I just wanted to make sure you were okay because you didn’t show up.”
“Well, thank you Ben.” I say. “That’s nice of you.” We stand for an awkward beat until i realize he’s still standing in the hallway. I open the door wider. “Do you want to come in? We can have a sanity day.”
“A sanity day?” he asks once he steps inside.
“I have one every once in a while. I don’t go to work; sometimes i don’t even leave the house. You can relax and prepare until the next day and then you have to go back to normal, every-day living.” i say. He nods and sits on the couch. “Tea?”
“Why not,” he says and i go to the kitchen to make him tea. I smile to myself over the sink when i see him looking around with a relaxed face. I haven’t had visitors or quests in a while and it feels good. He turns and sees me looking at him, smiles, and then his gaze darts over my shoulder and he says, “Eileen?”
“Yes?” i ask, still in a dreamy state.
“Eileen, the kettle,” he says and i turn around to see the water is boiling and the kettle is whistling. I laugh as i pull it off and pour it into cups. Ben stays over all day until it’s almost time for Jonah to come home from school. Im glad to have the company.
He stands to go, then turns to me and hands me the envelope out of his pocket.
“Here, for you.” he says. he turns and walks out as i open it to find… money. Lots of money. I stand abruptly and say,
“No, you can’t give this to me.”
“Yes i can and i am,” he says and walks outside the door, standing and looking at me. Then i think, what if we didn’t work together? What if we hadn’t become friends and i didn’t decide to have a sanity day and he hadn’t decided to check on me? What if he hadn’t decided to give me money? My son and I would’ve been kicked out of our apartment and left homeless.
“Everything happens for a reason,” i say to myself. At least i thought i did until he turns to me, smiles, and says,
“That it does.”


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