The Boy On The Subway

The Boy On The Subway VI; WW -June 15, 2016

Hello and welcome to a Wednesday post! I was having wifi problems earlier so thats why it is up so late. Unfortunately, this is my last post in the series so, fittingly; it’s the same day, same time, same city, and same place from the perspective of The Boy on The Subway. Titled, The Girl On The Subway.

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And this post in Mark VI.


The Girl On The Subway
I wake up from my natural alarm and immediately know my real alarm didn’t go off. I tumble out of bed in a half asleep state and find the door handle in the dark. I swing it open and see my mom in the kitchen making breakfast.
“What time is it?” i ask and rub my eyes.
“6:45,” she says and pulls some toast out of the fridge.
“Mom, you better be joking. 6:45am?” i ask.
“Yes, Joe. Get ready now!” she says and closes the fridge, smiling at me. “You’re taking the subway.”
I stumble out of my bedroom and passed my mom, giving her a hug, and then take a shower and brush my teeth. Then i open the door, tell my mom i love her, and grab my backpack and breakfast. I’m at the subway station by 6:53am. The subway leaves at 6:55. I can’t miss my mother’s transportation and public transportation. So, i hurriedly go to the last car which is where i am closest, and it looks empty. The doors are sliding shut and i stick my hand between them and get in right before they close. I’m about to curse because the doors caught my hand but then i notice a child running around and hanging from the bars on the ceiling. He’s wearing spiderman shoes and looks young. When he turns, i see he has Down’s Syndrome.
I turn to the right and try to find the person whom the child is with. I nearly fall against the door because i expected to see an adult but instead i see another seventeen year old. She has brown, straight hair and spotless, pale skin. And she’s wearing a The Cinema School uniform, the school i go to.
“Hello,” i say and wave at her. She looks equally shocked to see me as i am to see her.
“Hi,” she says and then averts her eyes to the young boy. I look to and see he’s dangling from a standing bar. “D, don’t hurt yourself,” she says. “Dad would ground me for the rest of my life if i have to take you to the hospital.” I walk over and sit next to her, leaving a seat between us because her backpack is on it.
“Strict parents to?” i ask and stretch my feet out in front of me
“Yes,” she say. She smiles at me for reasons unknown. I smile back and then look away and see her brother is standing right in front of her.
“Why are you smiling?” he says a little too loudly. He pokes her face with his finger.
“No reason,” She says and stops smiling. He shrugs and turns around, marching to go climb on something else, I’m guessing.
“You go to TCS too?” I ask. She turns to me and nods.. “Really? I haven’t seen you there,” i say and she shrugs.
“I just started this semester, for junior year,” the girl says. I look down to the floor of the subway, then smile. “What?”
“Someone isn’t following dress code,” i joke and point to her shoes. She looks down and smiles.
“It’s too strict. My dad is forcing me to go,” she says and smiles, meeting my eyes again.
“Really? I practically begged my mom to let me move here. I lived in LA. I just started this semester too. I wonder why i haven’t seen you around.” I say and she shrugs.
“Are you a subway regular?” she asks me.
“Nope. I slept through my alarm and my mom refused to drive me to school. Thats why i got so far back on the subway,” i say and look her in the eyes. I can see the wheels of her brain are turning and so are mind. Likely, to the same thing.
What a coincidence. If my alarm had gone off this morning, if i hadn’t decided to go to the last car and if she also hadn’t decided to go to the last car, we could never have met. I’m about to say something but she beats me to it.
“Every thing happens for a reason,” she says to herself. At least she thought she did until i turn to her, smile, and say,
“That it does.”


Thanks for reading and please like, comment any suggestions, feedback or questions and follow for weekly posts! I’m sorry to say this is the last TBOTS, titled The Girl On The Subway, but the series had to end. Until next time,


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