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Huge 6 Book Review! – June 16, 2016

Hello and welcome to a Thursday post! In the past three weeks i’ve read a few books and thought i would do a huge review. I will not be revealing any spoilers in the synopsis! So, here are the reviews in the order in which i read them.


1- In The After (by: Elisa Dane) – 8/10. I was trying to find this book forever! I eventually had to order it off of B&N online because nowhere had it in stores. But, i liked this book a lot. This might be my favorite out of all 6! Synopsis: This book is about a girl, Sadie, struggling with PTSD do to a childhood trauma and basically how she deals with it day to day. It’s a book about a horrible mental health disorder, family, school, bullying, and a touch of love.

2- Lost In The Sun (by: Lisa Graff) – 6/10. I wasn’t a huge fan of this book although i did like some aspects in it. One thing i liked was how it was a YA novel but the main characters were 11 and 12 years old, not like the usual 16-18 year olds. Synopsis: This book is about a young boy, Trent, who accidentally killed one of his teammates just by shooting a hockey puck. Trent is apprehensive to start middle school due to this but then meets a girl named Fallon Little who has a mysterious scar stretching across her face. LITS teaches everyone that it’s okay to have secrets but they need to be told before it’s too late.

3- The Sky is Everywhere (by: Jandy Nelson) – 6/10. I didn’t really like the plot of this book. I’m not into romance novels, for starters, but bought this one because it’s by Jandy Nelson. It wasn’t my favorite and i thought it was a little cheesy but i had to include it anyways. Synopsis: Lennie’s sister, Bailey, is dead and she’s trying to move on. Bailey’s boyfriend shares her grief and lets her remember but Joe, the new boy in town, allows her to forget. She’s torn between then two and only her heart is left to decide.

4- The Love That Split The World (by: Emily Henry) – 7/10. This books plot was crazy! (in a good way, of course.) I loved the mysterious side of this and struggled to come to terms with the ending but, overall, this was an outstanding book. Synopsis: Throughout Natalie’s entire life, she’s seen the ‘wrong things’. Like her front door being red instead of green, entirely new buildings where other ones should be, and people no one else can see. But then she starts disappearing for hours on end. Grandmother, a mysterious figure who has been with Natalie forever, then tells her, “You have three months to save him,” and Natalie is beyond confused. And then, the next night, Natalie meets Beau.

5- When We Collided (by: Emery Lord) – 9/10. I love this book! I can’t say anything other than that. Synopsis: Jonah thought his summer would be the same old thing, tolerating the two empty seats at the table and taking care of his siblings because his mother can’t, but then Vivi moves to Verona Cove and brightens everything in the small town. Only, Vivi has secrets of her own she’s not ready to tell, secrets about where she came from and her own mental health, and Jonah understand and helps, saying he’s been through the same thing, second-hand. But then Vivi’s happiness turns dangerous and love isn’t enough to save them both.

6- Girl Last Seen (by: Heather Anastasiu and Anne Greenwood Brown) – 9/10. I liked this book a lot too! It was plot twist after plot twist until the final page. The ending was insane and satisfying, but also kind of twisted in it’s own way. Synopsis: Kadence is missing and Lauren, her former bandmate who had to quit because of medical reasons, was the last person to see her. Then an old friend, Jude, comes back into town and they team up to find out the who, what, where, when, why, and how Kadence went missing, rekindling their relationship along the way.


Thanks for reading and please like, comment any suggestions, feedback or questions and follow for weekly posts! Until next time,

*QUESTION TIME* Have you read any of these books? Tell me what you thought below!


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