Monthly Favorites

June Monthly Favorites! – July 1, 2016

Hello and welcome to a Friday post! This is my June Monthly Favorites:


1. Urban Outfitters green romper – I wore this recently to the Ojai, CA Lavender Festival and it was so comfortable and i loved it.
2. H&M Genie Pants – These pants are so comfy and the pattern is very intricate.
3. Flowing Top With Split Back – I’ve worn this a few times this month. I bought it at a shop in Santa Barbara, CA and i cannot remember the name.

(I actually found that i didn’t wear makeup much this month so i decided to do actual skin products and nail polish!)
1. Peter Thomas Roth Exfoliator with Blemish Buffing Beads – I’ve used this a few times and overall think it does as it says!
2. Nail polish i used – I got this at our local UO a few months ago! It has lasted so long and i’ve used it a lot.
3. Lavender Dream Spray – I got this at the Ojai, CA Lavender Festival. It is a really nice smell that you spray on your pillow before you go to sleep.

1. Halsey Badlands – Halsey has been a favorite for a little under a year and she still has an amazing voice.
2. Melanie Martinez Cry Baby – I’ve listened to MM since the EP nearly three years ago and she has come so far! The record sounds amazing and book that comes with it is really cool to look at.
3. The Lumineers Cleopatra – My sister and i saw the Lumineers about a month ago and it was so awesome! Their record is pretty cool, as well.

1. Frayed – (by: Kara Terzis) 8/10, i liked this book a lot, though it was very creepy and suspenseful.  i read it in a little under six hours and it was so difficult for me to put down.
2. Genius: the Game – (by: Leopoldo Gout) 9/10, This book was pretty amazing. I loved the concept and plot and the execution was amazing. There were only a few editorial errors and somethings that the author could’ve dug deeper into. Very excited for the sequel!
3. Wild Swans – (by: Jessica Spotswood) 6/10, i liked this book though i thought the plot should’ve been explored more and deeper. There were some things the author could’ve advanced.


Thanks for reading this post and check back for more random posts. In the sidebar theres a button and if you click it, you will get emails when i post! Until next time,


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