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The Memory Book \ Book Review – July 21, 2016

Hello and welcome to a Thursday blog post! This is the review for a book i read recently that i thought was amazing.


8/10, I loved the plot of this book, however sad it was. The writing style was very interesting because this book was supposedly written by the main character in the book. There isn’t much else to say because other than a few exaggerations of the medical condition, it was really great.

Sammie McCoy has her whole life planned out; win the national debate tournament, graduate high school as valedictorian, get into NYU. But then her life is interrupted when she gets diagnosed with a rare form of dementia. The change is small at first; just little things like numb limbs and forgetting someone’s name but knowing exactly who they are. But then the change becomes more drastic like forgetting where she is and everything about herself. And, up until the very end, Samantha makes a diary to help herself remember and to be remembered entitled, “The Memory Book.”

I haven’t done this in any post previously but decided i would start this. This is my favorite quote from this book.
“Because honestly, who’s to say that i won’t improve? We can’t eliminate that as a possibility. I could get way better instead of getting worse. Is it likely? No. Is it possible? Absolutely. I mean, just getting this disease in the first place was against all odds. One in one hundred fifty thousand. Was that likely? No. Not much is likely. Anything is possible.”

I really liked this book and thought the style of writing, as i said before, was a cool touch to make it feel more real. I recommend this to anyone and everyone!


Thanks for reading this post and come back for more random posts! If you click the little button on the sidebar to the right, you will get emails when i post. Until next time,


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